Everyone in Division 1-A is eligible for the NCG

So I've been a Bronco fan since the Broncos were a division 1-AA school and I have loved reading OBNUG for the past several years! I have read hater after hater say that the Broncos should not be in the NCG and I've figured out that every argument can be summed up in two statements:


#1 Those who don't believe Boise should be in the NCG believe that only a handful of the 112 D1-A schools should be eligible for the NCG.


#2 The reason they believe that only those handful should be eligible is because we don't have a playoff system.


I came to this simplistic realization after reading the Mr. Fiskers article with the Kansas City Star and again when reading the Sarah Phillips article.

Let me see if I can clarify (not that they need clarification as they are simple and straight-forward) those statements a little more after the jump.

Starting with statement number one, I will quote Mr. Manley from the Kansas City Star:

"...until they have a schedule that is even remotely comparable, they shouldn’t even be considered for a national championship."

and Sarah Phillips article:

"The Broncos make a great Cinderella, but the BCS National Championship Game is reserved for superheroes such as Superman and the Incredible Hulk. There's no room for glass slippers."

The problem with these both statements and it was eluded to in the Mr. Fiskers article and I've read it somewhere else recently as well is that ALL TEAMS IN DIVISION 1-A SHOULD ELIGIBLE FOR THE NCG.

Let me phrase it another way that I've heard it again from another source that I can't remember... over 60 teams in Division 1-A are not eligible for the NCG even before they kickoff in week 1. Why? What is the point in playing a collegiate sport if you are not eligible to win the grand prize.


Some of the pundits would probably agree that all teams should be eligible, but here is where my second statement comes in... people would be find allowing every team to have a shot except that with the current BCS system two issues arise:

#1 There is only ONE shot. There are only two teams that can play for the NCG after the end of the regular season.

#2 Those two teams get huge payouts for playing in NCG.


So, my belief is that some of the pundits would be fine giving "lesser" teams their "shot" because most people that follow the March Madness 68 team tournament love the system, but that doesn't exist in college football.

Therefore, people don't want to see a "lesser" team that may or may not be worthy of the NCG play in the NCG take a giant payout and get ripped to shreds by the opponent. If you had a playoff system that would give the "lesser" teams their shot, the tourney would weed out those that are truly not "worthy" of playing the NCG and thus when Boise made it to the NCG, I don't think we'd have as many people hating and saying that they don't deserve to be there because they would have seen the Broncos beat up "better" teams on the way to the NCG.

I understand to an extent "Strength of Schedule"; I say to an extent because for the most part the computer calculations usually do give us the best 25 teams in Division 1-A at the end of the season, BUT it's based mostly on perception and tradition.

You can put whatever number you want in front of me and say that it's a 100% right and the numbers don't lie. NEWS FLASH: You can make numbers say whatever you want. Each and every computer calculation was formulated by a human which means that they have some belief/perception of what factors are more important (wins, losses) than other factors (score, yards).


I know most if not all of these things have been said before in one form or another and posting this on OBNUG isn't to fire up Bronco Nation or welcome trolls to try and prove me wrong.  I simply post this to tell Bronco Nation:

#1 People that hate the Broncos (or the controversy they've caused), don't just hate the Broncos, they hate any of the 60% of teams in Division 1-A that shouldn't be "eligible" for the NCG, being ranked and in a position to be in the NCG discussion.

#2 Those haters wouldn't hate if there was a playoff system because to anyone who watches sports they know that the most legit way of crowning a champion (aka Providing "proof" that a team is the best) of any sport is to have a tournament.


Thanks all for reading. OBNUG is the best! Please leave comments to let me know what you think of my first post on OBNUG!

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