Some anti-smack talking

It is almost time for football.  And that means it is almost time to stop talking about football and wish our respective teams the best as they actually go out and play football.

Things I like about our first opponent:

Georgia stands to lose $1 million dollars in this game over what they would have earned by playing a cupcake at home.  $1 million dollars is a lot of money to give up.  Now I know that lots of cupcakes now charge $1 million to take a royal beating, but still...  Georgia had every reason in the world to not take this game, but they took it anyways.  Very awesome.

Georgia fans, players and coaches have shown Boise State a lot more respect this offseason than I expected.  Yes, trolls are a-trolling, but for the most part Georgia as a whole seems to be willing to at least give Boise State some respect.  Thanks for that.  And thanks for putting up with our "new money" trolling.  It would have been much worse if we would have beaten Nevada last year.  This is Boise State's toned-down, humbled fanbase.  Sorry.

Crowell's highlight tape from high school is amazing.  I hope he finds his stride and becomes the back he has the potential to be.  In week 2.

No matter what the stats or the pundits or myself say, I am nervous as all getout about this football game.  2005 still stings.  It may always sting.  Boise State has lost some football games, but Boise State has never lost a football game like that.  Ugh.  Very nervous about this game.  Your nose tackles are enormous and scary.

I am excited as well to see what this team can do against a good SEC school.  Kellen Moore is a once-in-a-lifetime college player, the kind of player you know will never be replaced that leaves you cursing that whole four years of eligibility rule, and his time with Boise State is winding down.  This squad means a lot to Boise state fans, and it is going to be fun watching them play against a competitive team for a whole four quarters.

If you Georgia fans have not seen Out of the Blue, the documentary about Boise State's Fiesta Bowl 1 run, let me recommend it to you.  Georgia has a funny, bittersweet and awful part in it.  In fact, the first fifteen minutes or so are about the first BSU-UGA game.  It is, by the account of the Boise State players on that team, the catalyst for everything that follows.  So in a terrible, painful way:  Thank you.

And good luck out there on Saturday.  Nothing but actual true respect from me regardless of the final outcome.  Georgia didn't have to take this game.  It shows a lot about the character of your favorite school that they did.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to trolling.

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