Games that Matter: Boise State's rooting guide for Week One

Ed's note: I have asked Spay & Neuter to help get us up to speed on the games that affect Boise State each week. Here are those games. Don't forget: If you want to pick winners, there's a Pick 'Em group for that.

I think we can all agree that getting to a BCS Bowl game is not only a goal of the Broncos this year, but is achievable as well. While a LOT, LOT, LOT, LOT, LOT will depend on the outcome of this Saturday's showdown with the Dawgs, many have predicted the Broncos can make a BCS Bowl even with one loss. (Wow, have we come a long way). 

Unfortunately, figuring out how realistic it is to get into a BCS Bowl requires understanding the BCS forumula. Now, the BCS formula is either some secret formula not meant to be understood that they keep locked away like Pakistan's Nuclear Launch Codes (wait, bad example), or is not locked away at all but is impossible to understand even by its own creators. Either way, please don't expect me to find it or figure it out. My head hurts when I start reading the ingredients to my Cheetos; the BCS formula is waaay over my head. However, I have managed to gain some semblence of understanding through the years, mainly by listening to the wise words of Lou "Fightin" Holtz, Pat "The Bus" Forde, and Sonny "the Kukoo Bird" Cocoa Puffs. 

During the upcoming season, I'll do my best to track games that impact our favorite team's chances of reaching the promised land. Some - if not most - of my analysis will be wrong. Do not let that deter your reading enjoyment. The response area is always ripe for throwing rotten fruit at me. 

One final note, let us not forget that no matter if we make a BCS Bowl or not, we love our Boys in Blue. We wish them health and happiness, and rainbows with Unicorns. And our devotion to being great Bronco Fans will never wane.


Now, on with the football!

One Star Games (mild impact)

Idaho vs. Bowling Green - Thursday 7PM - Dish/Direct TV

  • Favorite: Vandals by 6
  • Root for: Not Idaho
  • Why? Because you're a Boise State fan

Two Star Games (moderate impact)

Toledo vs. New Hampshire - Thursday 5PM - No media

  • Favorite: Rockets by 7.5
  • Root for: Toledo 
  • Why? Toledo is on our schedule. Hope for a 10 point margin, but a W is a W. 

UNLV at Wisconsin - Thursday 6PM - unknown TV station

  • Favorite: Badgers by 35
  • Root for: Runnin' Rebels. 
  • Why? UNLV is (unfortunately) on our schedule. Playing with 11 men on the field at the end of the game would be a victory for Vegas' finest. My pipe-smoking pet badger is in the other room. Please don't say anything about this. 

Notre Dame vs. South Florida - Saturday 1:30PM - NBC

  • Favorite: Irish by 10.5
  • Root for: South Florida
  • Why? The Irish pose a serious threat to hijack our BCS spot. The more losses by Notre Dame, the better. (sorry Lou)

South Carolina vs East Carolina - Saturday 5PM - ESPN3

  • Favorite: Gamecocks
  • Root for: Pirates, no Gamecocks, no Pirates, no Gamecocks
  • Why? The true impact of a game like this won't be known for months. It could give us a serious boost if USC won, and gets beaten by Georgia. On the other hand, a 1-loss SEC team could get in our way as well. That darn BCS formula! I'm gonna say Gamecocks, because in a best-case scenario we beat Georgia and they steamroll the entire SEC, including the Gamecocks. Wow. I made it through without saying BWs. 

Texas A&M vs. SMU - Sunday 5:30PM

  • Favorite: Aggies by 15
  • Root for: SMU
  • Why? TAMU is in top 10. The more ranked teams that fall, the better. 

Three Star Games (major impact) 

TCU at Baylor - Friday 6PM - ESPN

  • Favorite: Horny Toads by 4.5
  • Root for: TCU
  • Why? TCU is on our schedule. Even if they were to run the table, it would all come down to the game on the Blue. Probably best to root for the Frogs to boost our SoS. 
    Fresno at Cal - Saturday 5PM - CSN California 
  • Favorite: Golden Bears by 10
  • Root for: Fresno
  • Why? Fresno is on our schedule. A Fresno victory over an AQ school would give a serious boost to our SoS.

Tulsa at Oklahoma - Saturday 6PM - FX

  • Favorite: Sooners by 25
  • Root for: Tulsa
  • Why? Tulsa is on our schedule. Oklahoma is #1 in polls. Keeping Oklahoma within striking distance in the 4th Q would be a victory for Tulsa, and help us perception wise. 

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