Just watched BSU vs. VT again; some observations

Some of these are things we know already. I just wanted to put it in writing prior to the UGa game.


1. Our Multiple Offense works really well at destabilizing a defense; especially when we have multiple hybrid players in like TE's and FB's

   - Overloading the OL, using the zone blocking scheme (which puts the decision making on the RB to pick one of 3 designed gaps depending on how the defense reacts), and Doug Martin's vision and ability to break tackles are very impressive.

   - For those hoping to see some no huddle; we ran an up tempo offense in this VT game, denying a young Hokie D the time to read and adjust their plays and assignments. We may see the same against UGa if a lot of their young players make 1st team post Fall Camp.

   - Our spread offense has the potential to be lethal. We dcan still run effectively out of it and all the receivers (and we went deep into the receiver corp in this game) looked like they were VERY well versed in their assignments.

2. Our OL is, without a doubt, very good at what they do. I'm not saying they will shut UGa out but I am saying I'd be absolutely shocked if UGa can effectively generate a load of consistent pressure

   - Even more awesome; it doesn't seem to be one guy dominating his man but more shifting and positioning correctly, as one entity; the design of the whole scheme and the oblique angles taken into defenders to run them wide or inside of a play...UGa's size and athleticism could be absolutely neutralized with this zone blocking technique and the overall play calling/scheme. I'm not saying it will, but it is possible.

3. Our DL is an unstoppable force. In contrast to the "5 men playing as 1" style of the OL, our DL is made up of a group of guys that simply win their matchups. Billy Winn had to be consistently double teamed. I saw Chase Baker get killer drive against an OT AND OG almost as if they weren't even there.

4. The coaching became very evident, particularly in the secondary. 

   - I could see Petersen's influence in the playcalling. But our assistant coaches value showed up in the individula execution.

     - Jamar Taylor looked outstanding

     - our secondary tackled extremely well;not only showing an eagerness to pop ball carriers, but doing an excellnt job        of wrapping up and securing the tackle, minimizing gains.

    - There were several plays where timely hits and getting into position and then waiting for the right moment to stick          a hand in for a deflection and no flag. Just really really good player performance in the secondary.

       - I know we racked up a lot of penalties here; but nearly all of them were either running into the receiver b/c Tyrod          had underthrown the ball and the receiver had to pull up, or just being smart and taking the 15 yard flag rather                than the 60 yard catch.

5. Kellen Moore...we know all the great things so I'm going against the grain here

      - Maybe it changed throughout the course of the season or during the offseason, but Kellen seemed to telegraph several of his throws. Then again, it didn't seem to matter and I believe VT's Jayron Hosley went on to finish in the top 5 nationally for INT's. VT had zilch in this game. Maybe Hatemay, a former QB himself, could give a better analysis (or anyone else for that matter) 

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