Hatemay’s Keys to the Game- UGA Edition

This year presents a new journalistic endeavor for Hatemay.  One in which I shall break down the X’s and O’s of the ways in which Boise State and its opponent can win the game.  This I will do on a basic level, and without the use of illustrations.  So, hopefully I can keep this simple. For those of who you may ask my credentials, I started 3 years as a high school quarterback in the  4A (Highest classification in my home state)  classification in Washington state.  We ran what was known as an "I" Formation, 3 wide out base offense with plenty of 4 wide out sets.  I have a thorough understanding of the game.  In a polite way, I probably know more about the fundamentals and advance fundamentals than most of you.  I am Hatemay, and these are my keys to the game.

Boise State Offensive Keys:

  • Every coach will tell you this so it really isn’t a major revelation.  We must establish the run.  With Doug Martin in the backfield we must break down opposing teams defenses quickly.  Martin runs hard and fast, often inflicting pain into defensive lineman, linebackers, and defensive backs.  The Georgia Bulldogs run what is known as a "3-4" defense.  3 defensive lineman rush the quarterback, while 4 linebackers give run/pass support. At first glance this favors the Broncos.  And this group  of 7 defenders play in an area known as "The box," an imaginary (yet very real) area that is the width of the offensive line and is as deep as the linebackers themselves, usually 6 yards.  Without a burner receiver like Titus Young that can outrun any defensive back, defenses will play a zone defense in the secondary.  If we pound the ball and force them to bring an additional defender into "The Box," usually a safety, that will open up some man to man coverage on our wide receivers which will give us the advantage.  I like our chances in a zone defense, but this give us all the advantages if UGA is constantly bringing an 8th man in to the Box to stop our running game.
  • We must not drop passes.  We have some un-proven big game talent at WR this year. We have guys who have given good minutes over the course of the last few seasons, but no late in the game go to guys.  So, to avoid those situations, we must execute and catch passes.
  • We must execute plays out of the "Wild Potter."  I think the Wild Potter package must be used once a quarter, even if it is the zone read.   Last year we saw some Wild Potter action.  This is when Kellen lines up as a receiver, Chris Potter- a slot receiver/punt returner takes the snap in the shotgun formation.  Usually he is joined by at least one running back, a TE/FB wing, and a man in motion.  He may give the ball to the man in motion, fake the handoff and keep the ball himself, run the option, or hand the ball off and that running back gives the ball o the receiver on a reverse.  Lot of options out of this set, not to mention, Chris Potter can pass the ball pretty well.    UGA must see different looks. 
  • We must score on a trick play.  Last year nerves were high in DC.  The crowd was loud; we made some turnovers, and lost composure, which made the margin of error razor thin. I cannot predict the trick play, I only emphasize that we must score on one.

Boise State Defensive Keys

  • Limit the UGA running game to 75 yards or less.  We must contain the young running back Crowell, and limit Aaron Murray’s scrambling abilities to behind the line of scrimmage. We must do this with only 6 men in the box.  Which means our defensive line must win the battle in the trenches.  After last year’s let down in Reno, I think our defense will be very hungry, not to mention the 2 deep rotation which will not have any talent drop off.   
  • We must keep Aaron Murray under 200 yards passing. In last years game against Virginia Tech, Tech had  a dual threat quarterback, and he hurt us a lot in the 2nd half with the bubble screen pass- which is a near lateral to a slot receiver that can gain anywhere between 5 yards to 15 yards if he is to break a tackle.  Our defensive backs are very physical and experienced, which should allow them to tighten their coverage on the outside receivers and prevent from letting the slot receiver gain additional yardage on those plays. 

Boise State Special Teams keys

  • Don’t let the game come down to a field goal. 
  • 4 punts or less
  • Keep the opposition to Kick off field position to  no greater than the 30 yard line
  • Punt the ball out of bounds.

Georgia offensive Keys

  • No quarterback sack of Murray
  • Murray runs for 30 yards or better
  • Crowell has 100 yards rushing
  • Murray completes 57 % of his passes or better
  • No turnovers. 
  • Murray throws 3 touchdown passes. 

Georgia Defensive Keys

  • Sack Kellen Moore 3 times
  • Keep Kellen Moore under 300 yards passing. 
  • Hope another ACL injury befalls a BSU running back between now and 0.00
  • Force 3 Boise State turnovers.

Georgia Special Teams Keys

  • Convert every FG opportunity.
  • Block a punt.
  • Don’t let BSU Kickoff Returner break mid field.


My prediction is Boise State scores first.  UGA  will answer with a field goal.  Boise will score two more touchdowns and take a 21-10 halftime lead.  The second half will have more distance between the two teams and Boise grinds out a 31-13 victory.  Doug Martin rushes for more than 100 yards, and Kellen Moore has 300 yards passing. In the words of Jets linebacker Bart Scott, "Can’t Wait."  See ya in Georgia. 

This content was not created by OBNUG and therefore may not meet our standards. On the contrary, it probably exceeds them.

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