BSU - UGa Pregame video: Re-edit

I'll keep this concise gals/fellas. 

I think it's worth another view...I wouldn't have done it otherwise. I ditched 7 thumbs up, 18 comments, and 1300 views to get this video done to the best of my current ability. 1300 views in a couple days is lightning fast for my channel and I probably won't get a lot of those views back. So I didn't do this lightly. Ultimately, I hope my vids make it to some potential recruits' homes. Therefore, the quality of my work trumps the "cool" factor of keeping an accurate count on how many ppl have viewed my videos.



I redid the video b/c...

- it irked the heck out of me to have easy grammatical errors

- the background for the Player Fly-By scene looked too bland

- the smeary "halo" effect around all my glows annoyed me

Changes and Additions:

- Drastically reduced "halo" effects

   - Learned new render settings

   - Learned new color correction tricks

   - Actually looked up/performed calibration settings for my 52" Samsung LCD rofl

   - Glows/SFX Lighting much more vivid/clear now when viewed at full resolution/full screen

     - They were pretty good b4 but the haloing was like getting punched in the mouth right after getting kissed

        - I acknowledge that analogy might be kinda lame but it's a pretty good one none-the-less :p

- Made a title intro for myself/BSU

   - It actually took the least amount of time and was more of an after thought

   - the "PJOHN56" might be a bit large for my humble tastes; may change in future

   - text font/Boise State transforming text motion came courtesy of free template from Sphinx Inc. on youtube

   - moving light beams/epileptic video shake all done by me

     - plug-in called Twitch allows me to tweak quick-twitch movements rapidly


- Added multiple composite images as background to player fly-by sequence

   - much better visually, interesting movement that blends well imo w/o distracting from glowing text

   - fades to a gorgeous high res. pic I found of stadium lights which I blended with a thick fog effect

     - If you watch carefully, you'll actually see the players' legs slice through the fog. It's a 3-D scene

   - raised volume of horse and dog at end of sequence to better match volume of overall video


- Replaced opening song w/ what is called a "riser" (some may call a "crescendo" or "buildup")

   - I liked the first song but felt this one increased the tension and fit the overall pace of the video better


- Authored and Added a complete spliced montage of the UGa and BSU Nike Pro Combat commercials

   - Focused on the speech audio which disturbed the rhythm of the song some

   - Added a "Death March" bell rhythm/deep bass ambiance, few percussion/cymbal hits to try and blend a bit

     - Not professional quality but I don't think it turned out terrible either. Good enough for Youtube :p


- Corrected "Georiga" and "it's" grammatical errors (hat tip to boiseblues)

   - Yes, it seriously bothered me LoL


- Didn't change a single letter in the video description (hat tip tankertoad)


Here's the Video


Boise St. vs. Georgia Pregame Hype Video (via pjohn56)

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