The Mikrino Poll: Chick-Fil-A Kickoffs and SEC sensationalism; smaller, slower, weaker. Apparently we are not Kanye West.

Welcome back once again to the seasonal festivities, where your homerism reigns; The Mikrino Poll. It's time to open our season of ranting, hating, polling, voting, hating, crying, laughing, hating, hating, and hating. Oh and rec'ing, plenty of that.


I'll apoligize in advance if I offend your feminine sensibilities, and that's to UGA fans no one in particular. Think of this as more of a side show. A carnival dunk tank where I'm the the guy with three teeth and way too much to say; it's harmless, it's funny (to myself anyway), I don't like you, you want to throw stuff in my general direction, but I still end up making your life a little more empty!

The Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Classic! Man those Boise State Broncos have come along way from just 5-6 years ago where they were opening against Georgia Weber State and stuff. And I'm all for what is sure to be a game to watch, and when isn't a Boise State game, a game to watch? Ummm, never.

Georgia is a bit removed from SEC powerhouse status, what with losing miserably to Central Florida 10-6 in the Liberty Bowl.

It's not everyday you get the brakes put on you by a C-USA team, but then again, a healthy sense of entitlement never won any football games either.  You think Boise State is new to football, UCF starting playing football in 1979! Nothing like getting your first bowl win, and over an SEC team to boot! Tomorrow, the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl!

The typical UGA fan will tell you their punter could start at QB for any other team in the country. The water boys in Athens run 4.4 forty's with 5-gallon Gatorade jugs strapped to their backs. Mark Richt can bench 225lbs. 58 times using a the blood of midgets for slip resistance. ESSEEECEE SPEEEED!

What they'll conveniently omit is this; As good as Aaron Murray might be, one QB does not a team make, and he can't block for himself. Which is why UGA gave up 25 sacks last year, good for 7th in conference, and 66th nationally. Next omission? We'll call it an oversight, they're O-Line didn't get better in the off season; they may even be worse. Boise State tied for 1st nationally in sacks with 48. Even with the departure of Ryan Winterswyk, the Broncos return arguably the best D-line in the country. The outlook for Murray standing upright is not good, just ask his scout team defense. 

Georgia went 6-7 last year, with harrowing losses to Colorado and UCF. But their wins should be even more disconcerting to Dawg fans;

La.-Lafayette, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Idaho State, and Ga. Tech combined for a record of 24-50 last year, none of them finished above .500. Suffice it to say, these are not good teams.

 Being bigger, stronger, and faster didn't help seven times last year. ESSEEECEE SPEEEED?


WARNING: Overzealous Homerism


I am supremely confident in my Boise State Broncos, there is no doubt about that. However, I know Mark Richt is on the hot seat after last year's Vanderbilt-like showing. He has to improve to stay. Improving would not be losing to Boise State. He and his staff have been busy channeling their inner Vince Dooley all summer long. Making comments about their inferiority to Boise State, claiming they didn't realize Kellen Moore was still behind center, spawning kids named Derek who wallow in football mediocrity at rival schools, and other self-deprecating things. All this in an effort to pump his team up by talking up the opponent. The only problem is all the comments were so heavily laden with sarcasm, that if any Bronco player or coach is like me, it only fueled their need to see Boise State get its first win over an SEC team in demoralizing fashion. It's not like we don't have enough motivation already;

One QB does not a team make.


So I'm all for letting Coach Richt run the reverse psychology. Hopefully he, his bulldogs, and their fans don't think this is the same Bronco team from six years ago. But in the meantime, let's all allow the UGA fans to do whatever they feel is necessary to prepare for this game;


Alpha Chi Omega forever! Sluts Unite! 


It's gonna be a game! And for more fun go on over to Dawg Sports and leave your mark. Banhammer be damned!

Go here for more Broncos vs Bulldogs coverage


 With a little over a week away, we have plenty of time to make crazy assumptions as to how this game will turn out. I'm more than happy to provide you with a few of those choices. So welcome back Bronco fans, Obnugians, and losing team endorsers. Rock the Vote!

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