Boise St. vs. Georgia Pregame Hype Video


Let me first apologize to Bronco Nation:


I have new software, and while it is incredibly powerful, it has the steepest learning curve I have ever

encountered. Some of the effects are not as "professional" as I would like and I will need to continue learning

in order to refine what I know and incorporate more stuff. basically, this is a hack job all in all and comes no

where near some stuff we have seen lately. That said, I still think it's entertaining and it's less than 3 minutes

long so you have that going for you :p

Additionally, you will be familiar with a lot of the footage in this video already as I took it from some high quality

work done by BSU's editing department. It's stuff I was able to get from Youtube, etc., prior to really good

videos suddenly disappearing from the web due to soul-leaching Horned Frog lurkers who have to ruin the

party for everyone else unexplained circumstances. Hopefully, the different order and length of clips,

combined with a different feel and song will help offset the sense of Deja Vu.

The song at the beginning is an original I made from musical elements I have. The main rhythm is a work of it's

own but I added some drum beats, background atmospheric sounds, and the churchbell myself to give it a

touch of oomph. The second song is called Love and Loss by Two Steps From Hell, a company that

specializes in movie and video game trailer music.


On to the synopsis...this is the breakdown I wrote for the video's comments section;



In the six years since UGa manhandled BSU, these programs have taken polar opposite tracks.

While Boise St. has continued it's meteoric rise, working their way into annual NCG Darkhorse talks, UGa has

wallowed in mediocrity and underachievement.

The 'Dawgs face stiff challenges this year, losing several key personnel(especially at the RB position) and

Coach Mark Richt's seat is white hot.

 All is not lost in Athens though, as UGa is soaked in potential. Georgia has spent the summer shifting players

in Todd Grantham's 3-4 while also bringing in enormous and athletic JC trqansfer John Jenkins to play the

crucial NT position. Entering year two of Grantham's system, and having already made tremendous progress

the year before, the 'Dawgs look to dominate on that side of the ball.

On offense, UGa will inleash True Freshman phenom, Isaiah Crowell, at RB and hope he is this year's Marcus

Lattimore. All SEC QB, Aaron Murray is poised for another terrific season and TE Orson Charles looks to be

his go to target. 

Under a new Strength and Conditioning Program and refocused commitment to excellence, UGa is set to rise

again and shake off the shackles of the past.

Meanwhile, Boise St. has increased it's own size and athleticism under steadily improving recruit classes and

a blue collar work ethic rivaled by none. 

Their defense has grown into something fearsome, finishing in the Top 5 nationally in every major category.

Some would write this off as a product of their schedule but no team reaches Top 5 in even one category

without doing something right regardless of opponents. 

QB Kellen Moore continues to play mistake free football and Doug Martin returns at RB to pick up where he left

off last season. Like Georgia, BSU must replace two prolific receivers. Similarly to Georgia again, they are

excited about the potential of rising stars Tyler Shoemaker and Geraldo Boldewijn while also being supremely

confident in Moore's decision making and phenomenal understanding of defenses.

Both teams arrive in Atlanta with chips on their shoulders. Constantly shuttled between accusations of

underestimated and overhyped, each team appears far more dangerous upon closer inspection. Fueled by

anger at the disrespect, there is no doubt both teams will bring the wood with a vengeful abandon in every

game...starting with each other.



Boise St. vs. Georgia Pregame Hype Video! (via pjohn56)

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