The State of Idaho has played a major role in building Bronco Nation.


Many have asked the question here "why are you a Bronco fan"

And as many of the local members have seen lurkers seem to pop out here and there all over the country. While BSU doesn’t have the aged Alumni as the AQ schools have, and many suspect those outside of Boise to be wagoner’s from the OU fiesta bowl like say Apollo on youtube.

Houston's Biggest Boise State Fan (via ApolloXVIII)

That just really not the case for most of Bronco nation that live outside both the Boise area and the Great State of Idaho.   When I thought about really all the things that had to happen for me to become a member of Bronco Nation it occurred to be it had really more to do with the state it’s self than anything else, and before I take the time to tell my story, I believe this one needs to be told first so one could take it into context.

Idaho by contrast is a huge state when compared to most other state as well Idaho has many visitors and part time residence, people moving through on the way through life that temporally lived in Idaho.

Pass throu on fish hunting snowmobile ect trips or just plan traveling

The state it’s self-leaves a profound impact on these visitors and passers bye that make it all the easier to fall in love with the Boise State football team.

I’m going to insert a quote from someone from another site that has nothing to do with football or sports, but explains from an outsiders perspective how they see Idaho.

“By KissMyDerriere Comments: 3683, member since Sun Apr 25, 2004

On Wed Apr 06, 2011 10:36 PM

Shon, I like how you're leaning in your original post. Go for it!

Massive K to you for this outstanding, most entertaining website ever. But this K is for Kudos to you.
Thanks to you and the creation of FF, I now live a wonderful life in Idaho and I've never been happier.

Without you, I would not have met my husband and I would not be living in the most beautiful part of this country, the Northwest... with its dazzling scenery, magnificent Rocky Mountains and beautiful rivers.
I moved here from bland and boring Florida with all of its flaky and superficial inhabitants.
This was the best thing that ever happened to me! My only regret is that I didn't come to Idaho sooner.

Who would've thought FF could incite someone to move 2800 miles away???

When people ask my husband and me how we met, they are astonished to learn that although we met on the internet, it was FAR from a dating website.
We met right here on FF in 2004 with a huge argument!
It's a hilarious story and people love to hear it.

Thank you, Shon, sincerely. Description: :)



Now consider just what do you think the chance are that said poster today is a fan of the Bronco’s?


I summit for people to truly become a part of Bronco nation they must have first fallen in love with the state of Idaho and as the above writer writes that is not hard to do.



Bronco nation growth I believe is directly tied into the respect the folks that had pass through the great state of Idaho have for the land and the people that inhabit it.


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