Hatemay's letter to the Big Boys

Dear Big 12, Big 10, Pac 12 and anyone else who gives a damn-


It was 11 months ago that I became somewhat excited about the prospect of playing in better competition with Boise State's invite to the Mountain West.  The only problem(s) was the recent departures of BYWho and Utah... then the later announcement of TCU leaving with their invite to the Little East.  Then, the Mountain West powers that be took some "brave" leaps by inviting the Top teams from the Wac to join the Mountain West for 2012 seasons.  What we have is the top Wac teams, with Air Force, San Diego St (the remaining long term Mountain West Teams that have produced good teams)  then a whole bunch of garbage.  UNLV, UNM, Wyoming, and Colorado State are just as pitiful as the Wac bottom feeders.  


Now, fast forward to July 27th 2011 where it was announced that Boise State cannot wear its home blue uniform on its home blue turf as a condition mandated by the Mountain West conference,  not by the NCAA.  Commissioner Craig Thompson showed his true colors in a highly scrutinized video clip by two reporters questioning Commissioner Thompson  about the nature and reasoning behind this rule and the potential for other "special" rules.  Not only did the Commissioner make an ass out of himself, he most likely lied out right to the press on at least one occasion (I cannot enter the confines of his mind to prove that he was being dishonest, but common sense tells me he misled reporters on at least one answer to the media).  When asked if it was a deal breaker  he said, "I don't know, you have to ask Boise State."  Of course it was  rule breaker Craig... we aren't stupid.  Which President brought it up initially?  "Oh no... I uhhhh, no."  Come on Craig, most likely the President(s) in question were pissing and moaning to you, wining and dining with you, golfing at high end resorts and helping you satisfy your urges to the point that it became an issue to bring up as a condition to join the Mountain West.  When questioned about green on green, "... thats never been brought up. Maybe it will now."  Does it have as much to do with their winning, if they were 2-10, 0-11?  "Ya know, I don't know.  I can't get into everyone's head on that one, ya know I do know that Boise State has been quite successful in all orange."  Doesn't that set a weird precedent?.....  of random things that people decide is an unfair advantage?  "... and our presidents had heard people on their campuses simply that it was a competitive advantage." Craig, what people on our campuses said it was a competitive advantage????? Was that students, faculty, fans?  Isn't it a competitive advantage for a stadium to hold 105,000 fans that make the noise in their home stadium louder than most stadiums in the country?  Should Tennessee, Michigan and Ohio State be required to reduce the size of their stadiums to the "norm" of other stadiums so they don't gain an unfair advantage?  Lastly Thompson was pressed about it being a slippery slope that they were on with a rule such as this, to which he replied, "I don't think so , no." 


Not a down of football has been played and this man has drawn the ire of the fans in Boise, and all around the Bronco Nation.  Clearly, the Board of Presidents and AD's are worried about something they shouldn't be worried about.  I have a concern that the SDSU people should be angry about.... Replay booth officials.... Why don't we remove the secrecy surrounding those nameless, faceless individuals who could be anyone, of any age, of any eye sight, of any football officiating IQ?  How about making a fuss about making the replays in college football be more like the replays in MLB, NBA, and NFL?  When a replay happens in the NFL, the referee goes over to the camera with a hood on it, and makes a decision, the NBA referees get together around the little TV and make the call.... but no, not in College football.  Hey Rocky Long, lobby for that instead of an unfair advantage of a blue field. 


Craig Thompson is a puppet.  He is nothing but a turncoat.  He takes out Boise State to the mall, buys us a new pair of shoes, then vomits on them.


This is where I make a plea to the other power conferences.  Please, if it by thy will, take this cup from us.  I no longer enjoy Craig Thompson's Kool-Aid and his hair.  He is full of hot air.  Please, in the next few years invite us to your conference so we can play quality games the whole season.  Oh how sweet it would be to play against the likes of Oregon every year, Usc, UW, ASU, and others.  Or compete against Oklahoma St,  Texas, Tech, A&M, and OU..... Or play rival Michigan, State, Ohio State, Wisconsin on a weekly basis.  I love to win, but I am the first person to say that I am tired of watching us manhandle SJSU, NMSU, etc.  It is sad when we could run out two or three kids from Eagle High School or Bishop Kelly against those schools and no one would no because those teams are so bad.  I love to win, and I know we would not go undefeated every year in those confrences, but the level of play and quality of games would be better.  We could see what our qb and rb stats would be had our guys played an entire game.  Also we could benefit from the money that is brought to the AQ conferences each year because of the BCS.  Boise state plays a kind of football that is fast and sexy and attracts attention and gets fan to tune in to watch their games... even if a blue field helps that out.  Can't fault a man for having a genius PR moment.  


Please, Big 12, Big 10, and Pac 12, this comes not from entitlement, not arrogance, but out of necessity for our program, for your conference, for everyone's mutual benefit, please let us it.  For hell's sake, Frank Stallone demands it.  




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