Hammer Thoughts: Boise State still a Sleeping Giant. How the Big East awakens the Beast

Let's be real, Boise State is still classified as the underdog. Colin Cowherd called us, a "one trick pony... with 9 garbage wins" citing the fact we don't carry any other marquee sports. With the move to the Big East, here are some things to look forward to.

Players: We have elite players that were once over-looked recruits. We don't have any 4 star recruits. While don't need them with an amazing coaching staff, imagine what could be done with 4 or 5 star talent. Playing In So. Cal and Texas, will help Boise State have a bigger name brand to go snag these players. Plus, with a championship game rumored to be played in Yankee Stadium, Kyle Wilson will get to catch a game once a year.

Facilities: Facilities bring recruits and most importantly keep Pete happy. We have a storied stadium that The Bleacher Report rated the 4th toughest places to play behind #1Autzen, #2 Oklahoma and #3 Virginia Tech. (Yes, I know the BR is unreliable as shown by VT at #3 but you get the point.) However, our facilities are nowhere near elite. The Big East TV deal could be pay up to 12 million for Boise State and that is JUST the TV money. The upgrades to facilities that could be made are incredible.

Ticket Sales and S.O.S: A plan showed that the capacity of the stadium to be raised to just under 60,000 seats. No home game on our 2011 schedule would have sold out a 60,000 stadium. (I say that because I have decided to forget TCU was played on The Blue.) However, games like Louisville, Houston and whatever random Big East team is ranked that year might be able to. Let's not forget, Craig James will have to remove "Body of Work" from his vocabulary.

AQ Status: Self-explanatory. (Insert Sugar Bowl taunts here). Ok, let's move on.

Men's Basketball: Wow. Let me take a moment and say that we have an exciting team to watch. I am incredibly impressed.

Championships and Tourney Bids: Had we been in the WAC for basketball this year, I think we would be the overwhelming favorite to win the championship. Perennial champ Utah State is down, and all others are average at best. We're talking likely NCAA automatic bids. Even so, Boise State could dominate the conference well enough, that with a good showing in non-conference, we could get an at-large selection in the tourney.

Ticket Sales and S.O.S: The BE is currently trying to help Boise State schedule 4 teams from the Big East for non-conference play; 2 home, 2 away. Can you imagine UCONN, Notre Dame or Louisville coming to Taco bell Arena? I must be dreaming. Sure those are tough games, but let's not forget basketball is a crazy sport. Also, teams like Providence or Seton Hall are winnable games.

With new coach Leon Rice and a team loaded with talented freshman, this team could become a national brand.

All other sports except wrestling, which dominates and doesn't care who you are or where you're from:

Overview: I've been to a couple games of women's soccer/basketball... in my lifetime. But how abouts dis, we Lowa da competition level and let'em win some championships, ammirite? (Tried out my Big East accent and got a little carried away.) These other sports will compete and the kids will have a jolly good time. Let's keep things in perspective, not every team has to keep pace with football and be elite. Wrestling will keep banging bodies in the Pac and track will keep winning in the WAC. All other sports will get their shot and don't tell me you are heart broken that you wont get to see the swim team take on New Mexico. I believe giving these teams opportunities to compete with evenly matched opponents is better than for them to take their licks in a tougher conference.

Summary: I am very excited to see where this will take the football team and university as a whole. Coach Pete and Co. have a vast expanse of potential the Big East will unlock. I firmly believe the Men's Basketball team is a sleeping giant that will dominate no matter where it is placed. What do you think? Please leave your comments and feedback.

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