Games that Matter: Rooting, err... Action Guide for Week 15

While there are no games for week 15, there are a number of things the Badger is rooting for and against, nonetheless. We all know what they're related to: the crummy postseason selections. Having spent the last number of years believing in the system, (despite its many flaws) the Badger has finally had enough. This year's Bowl selections proved once and for all the BCS is unfair, biased and downright un-American. Even I had to agree with the Badger; there is no turning the other cheek this time. This time, we fight.


The Badger don't give a BW

The Badger has thought long and hard about how best to effect change. Join us after the jump for his thoughts (made family-friendly, of course) ...

Whatever we do, it should be done with class and respect. We are Boise State, and we pride ourselves on doing things "the right way". With this in mind, the Badger has some ideas he hopes you embrace. Since there are a number of things to do, the Badger is only going to advocate one per week. That way, none of us will get overwhelmed. First, he wants to make sure we all agree on what it is we are trying to achieve. Comments are encouraged.


The Badger believes the system be changed to one that is fair to all schools. One that is based on athletic performance. One that allows non-Traditional football schools to make it to the top. One that shares revenues fairly.


Kevan's glorious playoff format. Just one of the formats that would satisfy our Goal of "Fairness for All"

He says we must not be afraid what the "Traditional Football Schools" will do in response. Some have posited they would secede from the NCAA and form their own league. We should NOT worry about such actions, for they would only further enhance the inequity in college football, and open such schools up to further scrutiny from lawmakers (see future post).

Whether the final solution is a 16-team playoff, or a Bowl system, or any combination thereof, the selection process and revenue distribution MUST be based on a fair and equitable system that is based on athletic performance only. Such a system should reward schools who schedule difficult out-of-conference games, and have a selection committee as free of bias as possible.

It should attempt to match up like-ranked schools at the end of the season. Payouts for postseason births should be commensurate with the end-of-year athletic achievement. In other words, the amount of money received and the caliber of team played should be in direct proportion to the team's final ranking. Sounds fair to me, Badger.


There are a number of actions that can be taken. The Badger encourages you to take as many of these as you can over the course of the next several weeks. His recommendations will cover the following areas: Boycotting Sponsors, Contacting Legislators, Supporting our Broncos, and Donating to your favorite local charity. More on each of these in the coming weeks. So as not to overwhelm Bronco Nation with too many tasks at once, he's decided to break it down. Good idea Badger, were you listening to my performance review at work? For this week, the Badger encourages fans to Support our Broncos!

1. Go to MAACO Las Vegas Bowl


Vegas is definitely worth visiting. And with a Bronco Bowl game to boot, you can't beat it!

Tickets can be purchased here

Hotel reservations can be purchased here

2. Thank Coach Petersen & His Staff

Feel free to use this letter, or write one of your own. What the heck, send them a Christmas card too!


The Badger is lost in his thoughts...

Coach Chris Petersen and Staff

Boise State Athletics

1910 University Dr

Boise ID 83725

Dear Coach Pete and Staff:

Thanks so much for sticking around. You do such a good job of teaching our young men strong values, so that they may make a positive difference in their communities and families upon graduation. We are proud of the good sportsmanship and discipline you instill in these young men. We sincerely appreciate all that you do for them, for our University, and for our city.

Happy Holidays and Go Broncos!

___________________________ Signature

3. Support Bronco Stadium

Many of us had been saving our extra pennies for a BCS bowl this year. With a little extra money left in our accounts, you may consider donating at least part of it to this instead: Bronco stadium expansion fund. Fundly shows 89 people have donated so far. How many more donors can we get? Let's go NUGGies! Coach Pete has a special message on Fundly to Bronco Nation. He ends his message with this line, "THE FUTURE IS OURS, LET'S BUILD IT! - Coach Pete". Come on, can you say no to that?


Bronco Nation's Dream

Don't Take it Out on the Innocent

The Badger wanted to remind all of us of one more thing: to not take it out on those not responsible:

  • Virginia Tech fans
  • Michigan fans

Many of these fans have stopped by OBNUG to offer their condolences. We appreciate their support, and should remember friendship among rivals is what it's all about. Frienemies are fun to have!

Badger has been on his Best Behavior

I must say I'm proud of the Badger. He's come a long way this year. I never thought he'd stop tearing apart my couch on Black Sunday. But by focusing on taking these action steps instead, he seemed to have finally settled down. He might be able to hibernate this year after all. And maybe my couch will make it through one more season.

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