Colin hates Garbage

I hadn't heard the Colin Cowherd audio when I saw the rumblings over twitter yesterday, but I immediately tweeted this:


This morning, I decided to listen to the audio provided by the statesman and it most certainly confirmed my feelings on the matter. But, since I love maths (this is more just "numbers," actually), I decided to interpret Cowherd's definitions he so eloquently stated (read: "he farted out of his mouth").

What I enjoyed right off the bat is the audio clip that Colin chose to play of Chris Petersen. He didn't choose his quote about the 6-9 ranked teams (only one of them Boise, in case you thought maybe Boise was ranked 6 through 9) getting no BCS bid while others behind them did. He didn't choose the quote that Coach Pete made about everybody hating the system and no one liking it. No, Cowherd decided to choose the quote Chris Petersen made about an alternative system.

Because I'm really sure Coach Petersen gave so much weight and thought into it. I'm sure Chris has a 130 slide PowerPoint presentation about the benefits of a college basketball-like selection committee. What the crap is Colin thinking? That was hardly the point of Chris Petersen's comments.

Colin then explained Boise State's schedule for the nation to enjoy:

Boise has 9 garbage wins, 2 of them are decent and you went 1 and 1.

We essentially know what Cowherd is referring to. Boise State played Georgia and TCU, but the rest of their schedule included walking cadavers excluding 1 other. While Michigan played real living and breathing teams.

So, let's take a closer look at Boise State's schedule, shall we?


Or as Colin Cowherd likes to view it.


I we can see what he's talking about when we look at the BCS top 40 rankings. The BCS Rankings this year had 40 teams ranked in them. This is the system Colin is defending, so it the one I'm using to clarify his comments. You can find the rankings in detail here. I picked up just the rankings and added the 80 BCS un-ranked teams in order of lowest loss. I threw USC with their AP rank in there (if it was Colin, he'd have them ranked #2 or #3 at least).


So with Georgia and TCU being Boise State's decent wins, we know that the 3rd best team Boise State faced was Tulsa, because the rest of them are garbage. Let's update our rankings.


[Maybe Ohio isn't trash. They're ranked above Toledo, after all]

Let's Highlight Boise State's garbage schedule, shall we?


There you have it. 9 garbage wins.

But, we also learned from Colin that other teams play real teams. Team like Notre Dame, Nebraska, and Ohio State. Updates needed!


Real men. Real teams. Real football.


Mr, image import, you're really not helping.

Now, Nevermind that Colin pulls out of his hat that we wanted in above Michigan (completely neglecting to mention it was Virgina Tech that was the bigger outrage). Let's rake a look at Michigan's schedule.


I can TOTALLY see what he's talking about. With the correction of Ohio State, Michigan DID play 4 real teams. And they even went 3-1 against them! Only 1 loss all season that REAL football teams pla--- Wait, who lost to whom?


Oh... Well, give me a sec...


See?! At least Michigan lost to a REAL team!

Colin doesn't even touch the next subject even though it's what the entire freakin' universe was outcrying about. Virginia Tech was select at-large over both Boise State and Kansas State. They play real team, too, you know.


GO RED WOLVES! Also, App State should might as well be a real team, too. As it's the sole reason why ESPN chose to use the NCAA's SOS ranking putting Virginia Tech's SOS at 17.

I also like how Colin Cowherd says Chris Petersen has abused and benefited this system. As Boise State fans, we do know that Gene Bleymaier scheduled for the BCS system .. it's no secret. But while Coach Petersen has benefited twice from this glorious system, he's also been skipped over 3 other times as a head coach, 1 other time as Boise State offensive coordinator. Seriously, can you blame the guy for putting so much faith in a system even though it has failed him several times. It wore on the guy.

What irked me the most from the interview was when Colin Cowherd tells Chris Petersen to go somewhere else to get that opportunity. As if this fairly poignant moment last Saturday didn't matter:


Coach Pete is in it for the athletes. The 49-3 Senior laden team that had been screwed by the BCS system 3 times in 4 years. And although I expect Colin Cowherd to never read this ( even if he got whim of it he'd just laugh it off), the rest of the country and Bronco Nation is absolutely right -- Cowherd swung and missed.

[submitted without review .. i'll get back to it later.]

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