Postgame Thoughts from bNo - Idaho State Edition

Drew Wiley

Boise State extended is perfect record at home by another game last night against Idaho State. Compared to the past couple games, it wasn't the most exciting or cleanest but join me for a few random thoughts as to why that's ok.

Idaho State came into this game wanting to take one away from Boise State. They've been absolutely crushed in recent years but their key players were playing like they wanted this game bad. Things were a little slow to start for Boise State, clearly a team still recovering from their gritty win over Indiana State Saturday night. "It’s difficult on young and inexperienced teams because they don’t realize how hard you have to play every night," Boise State coach Leon Rice said of playing many games in a short time period. "If you’re on your heels at all, you’re in trouble. I think that showed in the first five minutes." These guys had a day to prep for this game and in that light I think they did AMAZING. Here's the game flow for those who weren't able to make it:

While the first half didn't look that great score-wise, Boise State was doing what it needed to do. They shot 48% from the field, 54% from beyond the arc and out rebounded ISU 17-8 in the first. At one point we missed three jumpers but kept getting the boards and got it in on the fourth try. Boise continues to impress under the hoop, currently leading the conference in rebound percentage (58.2%). They also had 6 blocks last night, setting a season high for the team. Drew Wiley and Wes Perryman had 2 swats a piece.

Idaho State had no answers for the three ball. In seasons past teams could eliminate the three ball because we didn't have an inside game, I think we've got that this season. Conference play is going to be really interesting. Drew Wiley hit four of the Broncos' SEVEN first half 3-pointers but wasn't taking all the credit for himself. "I'm playing well right now," Wiley said. "I'm getting good looks because my teammates are getting me open shots. I'm just knocking them down. Everything is kind of flowing." Only a few of these guys knew each other before this season but are playing like they've been playing together for years. Interesting 3-point stat of the night as reported by the Statesman: Boise State made more 3-Point baskets than two pointers.

Idaho State's Chase Grabau led Idaho State with 12 points. As much as I disliked his attitude and slightly dirty play I have to give him credit for fighting the Bengals back within 3 with seven minutes left in the 1st half. A also have to admit I loved the student who kept congratulating him as "Good Charlotte," his mohawk was ridic, worst haircut I've seen since dUI's Ledbetter and I think we all know how we feel about that kid.. Fortunately Chase wasn't that bad. In my game preview I mentioned 7-4 Jakub Kusmieruk, the guy towered above the rest of the Idaho State team. He only ended up laying 6 minutes and wasn't that great. I'm glad we've got a creat coach like Leon Rice. I think there are a lot of coaches in the mid-major scene (btw I'm discussing the face that we're not considered a mid major with ESPN and will do a fanshot on it when I've gotten some more responses) see a 7 footer and offer him a scholly for height. I know we'd all like a 7 footer but I'd rather have productive 6-8 and 6-9 guys like Kenny Buckner and Ryan Watkins than a 7 footer that's only good at stepping on everyone else's feet in the huddle. I failed to realize and mention in my preview that Idaho State has recruited it's own Aussie, Dejan Kostur, who played a few minutes last night.

From Boise, Anthony Drmic was off in the first half (1 for 5 from the field) but got his shot on int he second to cap a seventh straight week putting up double digit points. I really wonder whats going to happen in conference play when teams single him out to keep him in the single digits. We've got a bench full of shooters, it's going to be cool to see. Overall the rest of the team was equally productive.

After this game our RPI drops several spots to #143 but its not done dropping. Upcoming Portland is ranked last in the WCC. LSU and Iowa should give us a bump.

Fan Support:

It was weak, we had 3,337 show up. Sure that's SLIGHTLY more than showed up for Northern Illinois or Drake but it's still pretty terrible.. We can probably chalk it up to a late Monday tipoff but I hope its a little better Wednesday. I think the main core of student supporters are doing a great job, they were pretty creative last night. They mixed up free throw chants and at one point were singing Akon. I also think they were instrumental in helping "t" up Idaho State Head Coach. Unfortunately I can't make this Wednesday's game verse Portland and I'd feel terrible if attendance got even worse... This is probably one of the toughest weeks these guys face, not just because of competition but because they'll be playing 3 games in 4 days and then getting a couple days to prep for a big road trip to Baton Rouge, LA. Hopefully Bronco Nation will get behind them and support this great run, The players are sure trying to get us in it. Jeff Elorriaga mentioned to the press that they keep wanting to win for the home crowd and get us behind them. Hopefully they feel our support and hopefully we'll continue to show it. This is a team that is going to have some great success over the years. Fan support rant over

Up Next: Portland, Wednesday, December 7, 2011 - 7:00 PM (GMT) at Taco Bell Arena

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