Hatemay's Game Thoughts- ASU Edition

The season has come to a close. Boise State finished strong in sin city with a victory over the Jekyll and Hyde Arizona State Sun Devils. Boise State opened strong with a kickoff return for a touchdown by Doug Martin that put ASU in a quick 7 point hole. Any momentum that Arizona State felt for their coaches last game had disintegrated within the first 15 seconds of the start of the game.

Boise State was a first half juggernaut as they pounded the ball down ASU's throat all night long. The play book was wide open as the offense did what it wanted. However, it appeared that stand out WR Tyler Shoemaker spent more time at the Burlesque show and dollar blackjack table than he did at the film room this week. It was an unfortunate finish to Dennis Erickson's career, but lets be honest, he is not the coach he once was, and his style doesn't take his teams as far as they once did. ASU played the role of Mr. Hyde for most of the night with flashes of Dr. Jekyll in the early part of the 2nd half when BSU made some self inflicted errors.

Our film from the TCU game did not make it onto the desk of Coach Erickson as he tried to run the ball into the teeth of the BSU defense. Even Kirk Herbstreit said that running the ball against us was not a good idea. ASU ran one double move and Osweiler was sacked, so you don't try one again???? Pants Action ran about 12 double moves against us with Pachall and we stopped one or two of them, but he threw them all night long, ASU didn't. Had they bagged their running game, stayed wth the RB swing out of the backfield and kept those 12 yard routes over the middle the results may have been different.

Unfortunately, ASU could not shake off the chains of penalties, un-forced errors, and lack of discipline that have plagued them all year. The game should have been much closer, but a team cannot make that mny mistakes and expect to win. Quarterbacks- Kellen Moore was victimized by drops from his veteran receivers. He put the ball on the money and avoided the pressure. He was not the sharpest stats wise but he was solid as he ever was. I will miss Kellen Moore very much. He represented Benton County and Eastern Washington so well. Our Eastern Washington community is extremly proud of He and his brothers efforts and accomplishments. I honestly hope he gets picked up by and NFL team, given a couple hundred thousand dollars for a year or two to hold a clipboard, then comes back to Boise to be on the staff. Great career.

Runningbacks- Doug Martin played as well as he ever has. He did not go down on first contact, made defenders miss, and made defenders pay for trying to bring him down All of Doug Martin's career and style came out against ASU. Tough, fast, physical, and detemined were the words to describe every carry he had. What a blessing it has been to watch him run the ball for the last 3 years. I hope Martin gets drafted and is allowed to showcase his talents for an NFL team.

Wide Receivers- Much respect for Tyler Shoemaker's accomplishments. Local prodict who was a walk on and earned a scholarship didn't play his best but did finish with a touchdown reception. Matt Miller and Kirby Moore continued to be solid, and Geraldo Boldewijn gave some good yardage after the catch. The corps for next year should be stellar.

Offensive Line- Great finish to an injury hampered year. Many bodies were flying around and making things happen. No sacks, and a over 150 yards of rushing equals a great night for our big men in the trenches.

Defensive Line- Won the battle and inflicted their will on ASU's offensive line. The running game was non-existant. I am not sure why ASU was so committed to the run, because TCU beat us by passing the ball and not running it. Billy Wynn, Chase Baker, Shea McClellin, Tyrone Crawford and the rest of the crew made the difference. They pressured Osweiler despite only rushing three and four lineman.

Line Backers- Byron Hout and Aaron Tevis got their hands up into the passing lanes often to knock down alot of passes and disrupt the routes. They also did a great job of filling the gaps when ASU tried to run the ball.

Secondary- What a difference Jamar Taylor makes. He made a big difference in locking down his side of the field. Coach K did a good job of mixing up some looks and rotating the bodies in the secondary. Iloka played a tad bit of corner, but mainly safety, and Stanaway got time at safety as well. Shea McLellin took time at LB, Nickel, and lineman. It was great to see Travis Stanaway get a touchdown. He has been a solid contributor on special teams his whole career, and has played behind some great safeties. Stanaway made the most of his time wheater it was filling in for Ioane in the game against Georgia, or when Iloak made the move to corner, Stanaway has stepped up. Great career young man.

Special Teams- Our kick off coverage got blocked well by ASU. Our punt team covered well when they had to, and we made all our extra points. All in all, our defense played well, we had a lapse of concentration in the 2nd half, our offense played well, our running back carried defenders all night long, and we saw a great finish to one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play college football.

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