The Mikrino Poll Las Vegas: Bad coaching, worse player conduct, and $199 paint jobs; The Broncos take Vegas, Mikrino Style!

This is it, the be all and end all of Mikrino Poll's. We descend upon Las Vegas to obliterate a 6-6 PAC12 team that doesn't deserve to be there. Kellen Moore's last game, along with Martin, Winn, and a host of others. I hate Arizona State, you hate me, it all works itself out. Except for the part where I'm right and you all, well... who knows.

The comparisons between Boise State and Arizona State are few and far between. Most of America expects a left-out Boise State squad full of frustration to drop a sixty-burger on the Sun Devils, and by most of America I mean me and my kids (you know, the important people). Arizona State is a team full of lowered expectations. They suck wind in my opinion. They should not be in a bowl game. Period. I realize they lost a lot of close games, but good teams don't do that. So let's look at ASU by the numbers;

Team Schedule
Date Opponent Result Game Time Attendance
09/01/11 UC Davis W 48-14 2:56 45,671
09/09/11 Missouri W 37-30 3:28 70,236
09/17/11 @ Illinois L 14-17 3:14 50,669
09/24/11 5 Southern California W 43-22 3:20 61,495
10/01/11 Oregon St. W 35-20 3:25 57,437
10/08/11 @ Utah W 35-14 2:57 45,089
10/15/11 @ 6 Oregon L 27-41 3:21 60,055
10/29/11 Colorado W 48-14 3:05 53,168
11/05/11 @ UCLA L 28-29 3:19 65,438
11/12/11 @ Washington St. L 27-37 3:16 27,213
11/19/11 Arizona L 27-31 3:40 72,694
11/25/11 California L 38-47 3:37 52,350
12/22/11 + 8 Boise St.
@ : Away, + : Neutral Site

Of note here is that Arizona State is 1-4 on the road, with the lone win coming at Utah, and who doesn't win AT Utah? Am I right? They closed out the season losing 5 of 6, the lone win being Colorado. Who doesn't beat Colorado? Am I right? Dennis Erickson got the boot for his efforts to close the season. Who doesn't fire Dennis Erickson? Am I right?

Gratuitious Vandal Ribbing...proceed with laughter.

When you implode to go 0-4 after starting 6-2, you get what's coming. Sure they were tight down the stretch. But I don't expect this Boise State team to let this one slip. One of the winningest teams of all time can close out their seniors with a record breaking fiftieth win. I'm pretty sure they're all over that. Chris Petersen is disgusted with the BCS, Arizona State is an undeserving BCS team. I'm pretty sure they're all over that too. So they have Brock Van Wilder throwing passes while running in stilts, We did the Scampernick thing already, it took him four tries to beat us. SO, I'm going for complete annihilation. Utter demoralization. If Coach Pete truly is fed up, I expect the team to be prepared to destroy the Hancockian patsy in front of them. With touchdowns.

Okay... AND two point conversions.

Arizona State slums up the PAC12 with the 89th ranked total defense, giving up over 419 yards per game. Don't let Vontaze Burfict and his friends fool you, they're not that good at tackling. Boise State's late defensive woes aside, they still rank 16th nationally giving up a full 100 yards less than the Sun Devils. Defense will decide this game folks. Everyone says that Brock Van Wilder will be able to test the shaky secondary of the Broncos. Everyone has not met Billy Winn and Shea McClellin, they think differently. They would like to test his lower extremities resistance to being crushed.


The Sun Devils rank 59th in Rushing Defense, giving up almost 150 yards on the ground. Doug Martin will take 150 yards, and you will LIKE IT! I guess you can probably tell I'm pretty confident about Thursday. It's my oldest boy's Birthday, it's like Christmas for him. I think maybe we'll get to see the Broncos unleashed for once since the Hawkins era. And man am I looking forward to that. Merry Christmas to all of you at OBNUG, and have a Happy New Year!

GO Orange! GO Big Blue!

Onto the poll...

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