Hatemay's Keys to the Game- UNM Edition

Senior day, and the worst Division 1 team comes to town. Join me after the jump as I discuss my game thoughts.

Saturday we recognize our seniors as a perennial division 1 punching bag makes its way to town. For the devotees that read my weekly keys, I haven't much to add as far as statistics are concerned. If you read Kevan Lee's article he summed up how bad University of New Mexico is with some stunning statistics. I think if Eastern Washington University came to town we would be more worried than we would be if UNM comes.

Boise State Offensive Keys:

No huddle. Come out with guns blazing. Our offense has stumbled a little bit lately and the no huddle offense has proven to be the cure all for our offensive woes. Don't cease the no huddle until we are up 28-0.

Let it fly. Don't hold back any part of the offensive playbook. One thing I am a tad bit worried about is the playbook being a bit more conservative with Coach Pease (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). We've seen The Wild Hedrick, and seen the runs and passes off of that, we've seen the Wild Potter and the strange plays and alignment that is, but we haven't seen things get really tricky. That worries me a tad.

Kellen Moore with 400 passing yards and three touchdowns. There will be plenty of Doug Martin time, I think this will be a game where the starting seniors don't get pulled in the 3rd quarter despite being up by 42 points. I think we need to give fans what they want to see, and that is Kellen throwing the ball. Martin may still be a little banged up, so he may not want to carry the ball 36 times.

Boise State defensive keys:

Hold UNM scoreless in the first half. I don't care if there is the world's biggest fluke and UNM scores a touchdown on us, they should be kept out of the end zone while our starters are in.

Mix up our looks. Just because we are playing a bad team, that doesn't mean we should not be aggressive. Mix it up, change up our blitzes, and let things go as we pad the stats.

Keep UNM to less than 150 total yards going into the fourth quarter. If the coaches do pull some of the starters in the fourth quarter then UNM's chances of moving the ball against our reserves gets higher.

New Mexico offensive keys:

No turnovers. It finds a way to get in my write up each week, but UNM can't commit turnovers and think they will win this game.

Utilize the deep pass. Make our secondary prove that they really have gotten better since the TCU game. Start with some quick outs, few bubble screens, then go deep.

Protect the quarterback. If the UNM quarterback is constantly picking himself up off the turf then the game is over.....

New Mexico defensive keys:

Keep Boise State under 24 points at half time. This means that Boise has had to punt on about 3 possessions, taken a lot of time off the clock to score, or UNM has been able to score a few times.

UNM has to score on a turn over. Plain and simple.

This game should not be close. Hopefully we can beat the spread at home for the first time all year. Won't get too sappy here, but let the boys play, even if we run up the score a little. My prediction, 61-7 Blue.

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