Games that Matter: Rooting Guide for Week 14

Wow. It's finally here. The final regular season game for Kellen Moore and his senior teammates. I know it's game day on Saturday and that I should be excited, but I'm not. I feel like I'm saying good bye to a younger brother as he moves to another city... no longer down the street where I can pop in on him whenever I want and play Wii til 4 in the morning. Now, our interactions will be limited to long-distance phone calls and the occasional family holiday.


Join Mr. Badger and me after the jump for more...

Why is it that these young men - of our local football team - feel like such part of the family? Why does it hurt when they move on - as is the whole purpose of their college education? Surely we are investing too much time in them. Surely our own social lives are suffering as a result. Because getting this close to anyone not in our own social network cannot be healthy.

And yet our own social lives seem to do just the opposite. They thrive while we follow these young men every Fall. In fact, we build much of our social lives around their activities. There never seems to be enough football to fill our social agendas!The tailgating. The cheering. The blogging. The chatting at the Barber shop, and in the restaurants. Sure, there are plenty of non-football activities too. And that's just the point. Football is a bonus for us. And what a wonderful bonus it is.

While it's true we would be close to any group of young men followed for four years, Senior day hurts beause we have followed these young men. Boise State's young men. Coach Pete's young men. The young men he sought to recruit, based on feedback from coaches who already knew the lives and families and values of their own players. Who knew the fit with Boise State would be perfect. And yet recruiting is a 2-way street. These young men also chose to become part of our lives, in our community, just as we have chosen to become part of theirs.

So why are we so sad to see Kellen go? Aren't there more quarterbacks around the corner? No doubt the sheer number of hours spent following someone for four years would engender us to his quirks and his smile. But there is something much more about Kellen, about all the young men on the Boise State squad. These young men are substantive. For being in the limelight as much as they are, and with such youth upon their faces, it is a minor miracle they are still grounded, tethered to the real things in life. Exhibiting such good values time and time again.

We can be proud of them. We are proud of them. The reason we are so sad to see Kellen and his teammates go is not because they won so many games. It is because they won our hearts so many times over. Kellen - like many of his teammates - is the kind of man you want your sister to marry. He is the kind of guy you want to be buddies with. He's humble. He's soft-spoken. He is about the team, not himself.

We have seen so many of his dreams evaporate before our very eyes. A perfect season. Two perfect seasons. Three perfect seasons. A Heisman trophy not once, but twice. A National Championship Game - again, not once, but twice. And through it all, he protected his friends, his teammates. Said it was a team game - that they won as a team and lost as a team. Amazing.

Kellen, we will miss you. There's no doubt we'll miss your pinpoint throws. And your pistol pew-pews. But more than anything, we will miss you. Your presense. You made the team a better team by being part of it. You made Boise State a better university by attending it. You made Boise a better city by representing it. We were so lucky to have been able to watch you play. We are so proud of the way you handle yourself.

We wish you luck as you begin the next phase of your life. No matter what, you - and all the other Boise State Broncos - will always be part of the Bronco Nation family. You will always have a home in Boise.


Thanks for the Memories, Kellen

Oh yeah, I guess there are other games to watch this weekend. If we're lucky, the stars will align and our Boys will get to play in a Big Time Bowl. If not, we'll still be there to cheer for them - wishing them all the best as they move on to the next stage in life.

Luckily, Kevan has again done all the hard work, outlining with great detail exactly how Boise can get to a Big Bowl. Lucky for Mr. Badger too, cause he's been sick with the flu the past couple weeks, and he's been sleeping in even more than usual. And that's saying something.

Read his article first, then come back here. You'll be glad you did. ‘Cuz the Badger ain't explainin' all that.

As usual, the games are placed in chronological order.

Thursday 6PM

** 2 Stars **

(23) West Virginia (8-3, 4-2 Big East) at South Florida (5-6, 1-5 Big East) ESPN

Root for: West Virginia -BIG


Just seven spots below Michigan, West Virginia might be able to "pull" some votes away from the Wolverines with an impressive win. Remember: Michigan in the Top 14 is BAD!

Friday 6PM

*** 3 Stars ***

(9) Oregon (10-2, 8-1 PAC) vs UCLA (6-6, 5-4 PAC) FOX

Root for: Oregon


One heck of a pumpkin

A win by UCLA would mean Michigan would jump Oregon in the polls, getting that much closer to the coveted #14 spot. We can't have that. Although it would be hilarious to see UCLA in the Rose Bowl.

Saturday 10AM

***** 5 Stars *****


(24) Southern Miss (10-2, 6-2 C-USA) at (6) Houston (12-0, 8-0 C-USA) ABC

Root for: Southern Miss by a hair


If Southern Miss wins, Mr. Badger may have to get a set of these for his golf clubs

A loss by Houston would mean C-USA would not receive an AQ bid (Houston would not be conference champ & Southern Miss would not be in Top 16). TCU might slip into the AQ spot instead... but hold that thought for now. We're hoping Houston's "close loss" does not keep them from falling behind Michigan at 16. A loss would likely put them right around that mark... it would be close. But: it would "probably" open up another at-large bid (assuming TCU doesn't slip into that spot instead - remember: they only need to be in the Top 16).

Saturday 10:30AM

**** 4 Stars ****


(11) Kansas State (9-2, 6-2 Big 12) vs Iowa State (6-5, 3-5 Big 12) Fox Sports Network

Root for: Kansas State in a close one


One cool Cat

We don't want K-State to lose; they would fall into the 20's, moving Michigan up one spot. We all know we can't have that. And we're betting the selection committee would choose us over K-State. Plus, the Fiesta Bowl is NOT gonna put two Big 12 teams in the same bowl.

Saturday 12:30PM

**** 4 Stars ****

(18) TCU (9-2, 6-0 MWC) vs UNLV (2-9, 1-5 MWC)

Root for: UNLV if Houston loses; TCU BIG if Houston wins


To Win or Not to Win, that is the Question

If Houston loses, we don't want to risk TCU slipping into the Top 16. However, if Houston wins, we want TCU to chip away as many points from Michigan as possible. It's complicated, I know.

Saturday 1:30PM

**** 4 Stars ****

(22) Texas (7-4, 4-4 Big 12) at (17) Baylor (8-3, 5-3 Big 12) ABC

Root for: Baylor, Baylor, Baylor - BIG, BIG, BIG


A big win by Baylor would chip away at some points from Michigan, holding them back. Hopefully, Baylor could even jump Michigan - although that's unlikely.

Saturday 2PM

***** 5 Stars *****


(14) Georgia (10-2, 7-1 SEC) at (1) LSU (12-0, 8-0 SEC) CBS

Root for: LSU in a very close game


It's critical that Georgia stay ahead of Michigan in the polls. Therefore, we are hoping Georgia puts up a good fight. Just not good enough to actually win. I know, no one said cheering was gonna be easy this week.

Saturday 4PM

***** 5 Stars *****


(7) Boise State (10-1, 5-1 MWC) vs New Mexico (1-10, 1-5 MWC) The MTN

Root for: Your Boys in Blue


What a special day it will be.

Saturday 6PM

*** 3 Stars ***

(3) Oklahoma State (10-1, 7-1 Big 12) at (10) Oklahoma (9-2, 6-2 Big 12) ABC

Root for: Oklahoma - especially if Houston has lost OR: Okie State in a triple-OT game


Mr. Badger is thinking the Fiesta Bowl loves him some Boise State, and will want a rematch to inspire Oklahoma fans to make (yet another) trip to Phoenix should they beat Okie State. If Okie State wins, it's doubtful Oklahoma will stay ahead of Michigan in the polls, but it's possible if it's a Triple-OT game.

Saturday 6PM

***** 5 Stars *****


(6) Virginia Tech (11-1, 7-1 ACC) at (20) Clemson (9-3, 6-2 ACC) ESPN

Root for: VaTech


If Clemson wins, either VaTech remains a viable at-large birth in the Top 14, or they've fallen below our nemesis: Michigan. Booo!

Saturday 6:15PM

***** 5 Stars *****

(13) Michigan State (102, 7-1 Big 10) vs (15) Wisconsin (10-2, 6-2 Big 10) FOX

Root for: Wisconsin - in a close game


A win by Sparty would be great for our opening game next year. That's why it pains me to say this, but a win by Wisconsin MIGHT keep them in a virtual draw in the voters' eyes - meaning it would be hard for voters to put Michigan ahead of either one. (I hope)

Until next year... Happy Watching!

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