The Worst Students on Campus

Our Broncos head back to The Blue this weekend and with them comes the Second Edition of "The Worst Students on Campus."   A few weeks back I was pretty lit about the lack of respect some current Boise State students have for the football team, scalping their free tickets for upward of $30 a pop and at the same time was amused at these kid's stupidity so I Fanposted my emotions.  Many of you enjoyed the exposé (90 out of a hundred respondents!), a dozen didn't care much for it (are there student scalpers among us?!) and a few others took it upon themselves to uphold Bronco Nation dignity by creatively messing with these scalpers.  Join me after the jump (As if this would ever be promoted to the front page where this phrase would be necessary) for this week's Worst Students on Campus and a Prank the Scalpers highlight!

Students Tickets went on sale and I had a bit of a scare.  Eleven o'clock rolled around before I remembered to log on to to reserve mine they were still available.  I don't think they sold out till after noon, no one told this kid that:

Quickest Worst Person on Campus (as recorded by Craigslist)

This kid didn't waste a second.
Sold Out Kid and Quickest Poster
Besting last edition's Quick Worst Person on Campus by a quarter hour, anonymous kid #1 posts a time that's going to be hard to beat.  Tickets are available at 7am, that was a ten minute turnaround time.  You gawk at the $75 price and think he'd be this week's "Moron of the Week" too, well think again


$100 kid
Obviously some of these kids aren't studying Business and Economics, if they are then they're probably at fault for our graduation rate woes. Being someone who's watched the student ticket scalping pandemic for a few seasons, I know these things don't sell for more than 30-40 bucks a student ticket, now guest tickets are a different story and you might be able to get $100 bucks for one of those but I don't have a beef with people selling guest tickets. If/when unclaimed student tickets go on sale at the ticket office Thursday morning at 7am they're going to cost guests $37.75 a pop, these are not the same as a $0.00 student ticket. Want to make a quick buck this weekend? Wake up early Thursday morning and hang out around the ticket office. Want to make the Worst Person on Campus list? Go reserve a free student ticket and try to sell it. This next one is CLASSIC.

Worst Attempt to Save Face on Campus

Worst Attempt to Save Face on Campus
Thought it'd be fitting to highlight this kid's orange county roots with an orange sticker. Yes, this kid is the defending Worst Attempt to Save Face on Campus Champion. Anonymous Orange County Kid's last listing vs. Air Force:

I have my student ticket to the game against Air Force, but am sitting with family in different seats. Let me know if you want to buy it. Best offer.

I guess we've found out who this kid really is..

the OC scapler


After seeing all the student ticket scalping going on I get pretty ticked off. I wish I could sit down and explain to them that the fact we have free student tickets is an anomaly when it comes to Top 25 schools and that we're lucky to have this opportunity, I want to explain to them the pride and glory that comes from being a part of Bronco Nation, and I want to explain to them that scalping student tickets is pathetic. Unfortunately I can't, but I can raise awareness and attempt to humiliate them at the same time. As some of the proudest of Bronco Nation many of you nuggies have tried to do the same and I have to pass on one of the funniest pranks I've ever heard pulled on the Worst People on Campus as shared by a fellow nuggie.

The first game of the year I browsed craigslist looking for student ticket scalpers. Then I found a few, and texted them that I was interested in buying their tickets (outrageously priced at 150 dollars each). I then told them to meet me at various public locations in the valley, making them drive the farthest I possibly could. Once they got to said locations, I texted them that I already left and asked them to please meet me somewhere else. This went on for usually a couple hours of them driving around until they gave up. It worked great, however one pissed off scalper decided to put my number on craigslist selling cheap Iphones, and cars and I ended up getting hundreds of texts and calls for a couple days. Well worth it though!

This had me laughing pretty hard.  I don't condone harassment of any nature (for that reason I censor phone numbers), but I do think this is pretty hilarious and completely appropriate haha. Here's hoping these kids can't sell their tickets and end up giving them away to fellow students who are going to come and destroy their vocal chords with us this Saturday.  


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