My Concerned Message to

Thought I'd share this all with you and get your thoughts. I shot off and email to's Andrea Adelson this morning. She is a contributor to the College Football Nation blog on, and often covers the Broncos for the website. I'm hoping that portions of my email make it into her weekly mailbag. Tell me what you think down there in the comments.

Forgive me if I'm wrong here Andrea. (A Message From a Concerned Boise State Fan)

But it seems like there isn't a lot of coverage on Boise State's win over UNLV last night and I have to say I'm a bit upset about it. As I'm sure you know, Kellen Moore became the all time winningest quarterback in FBS history with his 46th win over UNLV last night. Now, I understand that the LSU-Alabama game trumps everything that happened last night. Heck, I was flipping back and forth between the two up until LSU won (or more precisely, Alabama lost) in overtime.

What is so disconcerting is that I go to the web page the following morning and go immediately to the NCAA Football section, and what do I see in the big splash story links? I see two frames dedicated to LSU-Alabama, OK State wins over K State, two teams in the Big 10 losing, and a story about the Pac 12. I glance feverishly around the web page, looking for something, ANYTHING that says Boise State. There's not even a mention in the College Football Nation blog, nor in the twitter feed that graces the page.
You know where I find it? The link on the page is actually hiding behind a larger link dedicated to Houston's win and Case Keenum setting his own records. I've attached a pic to show you what I mean. (I did attach a pic to the email, if any of you went to the website this morning you know what I mean)
I'm upset Andrea, that one of the best quarterbacks ever to play college football has to be hidden because of red tape. It just seems like ever since BSU joined the MWC, coverage on ESPN has dropped to all time lows. I would hate to think that it is some sort of political move, or media power play, that is holding the Broncos back from the national spotlight. 
I'm more than happy to see my Broncos win out and go to a BCS Bowl. I'm also not one of the screaming fans that demands we go to the NCG. I'm just happy with a big bowl at all. But it hurts that the "Worldwide Leader in Sports" doesn't want to broadcast more information equally between the top teams in a particular sport, in this case college football.
Forgive me for the rant, sometimes I can get carried away. I'd like to pick your brain on what you think about Boise State this year, and look forward to any forthcoming stories this week about Kellen and the Broncos. Thanks again for reading, and keep up the good work.

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