LSU vs. UGA: What It Means To BroncoNation

So I was checking out the UGA blog Dawg Sports on SB Nation and came across this interesting "tale of the tape" factiod sheet from a fan post:

Keep in mind that these stats are taken from the games among the six common opponents of both schools: Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Miss State and Auburn. The stats appear very similar. Surprisingly, LSUs offense has been more productive in those games in certain categories while UGAs defense has been more dominant in certain categories (particularly opponents' rush yards per attempt).

While I initially gave UGA about a 20-25% chance of winning, I'd say this may be the game LSU loses this season. I know I'm no Nostradamus since LSU only has THIS game left and have won all others. But I'd certainly give UGA a better chance.

The only reason I mention this (besides the fact that we beat UGA and if they win, we will have beaten the SEC outright champs) but because a loss by LSU REALLY puts a kink into the flawed BCS system.

I'm by no means under any delusion that LSU, win or lose, won't make the BCS title game. It's a foregone conclusion still at this point.

However, a 1-loss LSU thrown into the BCS title game with a 1-loss Alabama (did I mention neither would be conference champs of the SAME conference) would undoubtedly call into question the legitimacy of the current system. Hopefully so much so that the DoJ looks into it more closely and files antitrust suits against the BCS.

As Boise fans, I won't blame anyone for rooting for Boise to get a BCS bowl. But I'm looking at the bigger picture. I'm looking at the BCS collapsing under its own ridiculousness.

A win by UGA almost assuredly keeps us out of the BCS bowls. It will still (as was already predetermined) pit Alabama and LSU in the BCS title game while UGA would get a BCS bowl as well. And in case you're questioning this, yes, there is a provision that states if two non-conference champs from the same BCS conference are #1 and 2 and play in the BCS title game, then the actual conference champion will receive (an unprecendented) 3rd slot to a BCS bowl.

And that leaves Boise on the outside. Still ranked in the top 7. Beating, yet again, another team that they had a better record than who got a BCS bid over them (think VaTech last year).

As much as I would love to see Boise State go to another BCS bowl and win yet another one, I'd much rather, for the long-term, see the destruction of the BCS system that has screwed up our beloved sport and screwed over our beloved team more teams than we care to remember.

So I, for one, will be rooting for UGA to beat LSU even with the implications that it'll keep us out of a BCS bowl. It's time that this system is done away with. And if ever there was a time, it's now with the DoJ breathing down the necks of the BCS. I'm praying they're watching and paying attention and that UGA can pull this one off.

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