The Mikrino Poll: Welcome to Las Vegas, and getting completely ignored whilst LSU/Bama are playing.

This week the Mikrino Poll takes on Las Vegas! YAY ME! Join along, we'll explore just how bad UNLV is, pre-suspension bonanza, and why we won't be seeing Kellen Moore in a Case Keenum'esque air assault of stat-padding. But Kellen so totally could do that exact same thing and even better, so there. Also we'll discuss why the entire world will ignore this game and its outcome anyway.


UNLV Cheerleader



Welcome back to Vegas, Bronconians! The place of wondrous entertainment, showgirls UNLV Football, and glorious beatdowns of bad teams that wear too much red. The Broncos take on UNLV on Saturday night at 8:30MT. By that time the entire world (see: The Southeast United States) will be thoroughly involved in watching LSU and Alabama slug it out in Tuscaloosa. Be sure there will be a Tom Rinaldi piece re-living the tornadoes that blew through there last spring. God has a funny way of saying "I hate you". Isn't that right Iowa?



To be fair to all the hate I will receive for this, it was pretty nasty. There were five reported Tornadoes touched down at the same time in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham.  God hates obesity, don't blame me. So don't plan on hearing much about Boise State's rout of the UNLV Rebels, or Kellen Moore's record for all-time wins by a QB. It's gonna be all SEC all the time, the way Mike Slive intended. The Broncos may even drop in the BCS Standings after the Clash of The Titans on CBS, and they won't even wait for Craig James to stumble through another BCS comedy hour. I'm sorry but what a BW'ing douchebag. That's one guy I'd love to see in person just to say that right to him. Loudly.

Anyways... back to Boise State football and our next absolute dumptruck we face, UNLV. They're horrible. I'm beginning to rethink this MWC business. I'd much rather beat the pants off Utah State. It's in Logan, I can drive there. What? Big East you say? Well hell yes! I'd love to see a conference home game against Lousiville, we owe those punks. We must right all of Zabransky's wrongs!

Zabransky, being wrong'd.


See, UNLV can't even keep me interested. Maybe that's what happens when you sport one of the worst offensive and defensive teams in the country;

Total Offense: 116th (277.9ypg)

Scoring Offense: 109th (18.9ppg)

Total Defense: 110th (455.6ypg)

Scoring Defense: 118th (40.6ppg)

When teams outscore you by 20+ points , and outgain you by 200+ yards a game, you have failed at football. Then you go and suspend your key starters on offense and defense and still plan to play against the #3 team in the country (According to Mikrino's ballot, and really that's the only accurate one). Kellen won't one up Case Keenum in this one simply becuase Coach Pete doesn't do that. It's not that he couldn't, of course he could throw 12 TDs, if all we did was throw the ball 60 times a game and not play defense so he has to keep playing deep into the game. This is really the only reason I pray for close games. My money is on Kellen wearing a ball cap before halftime.


This should be entertaining folks. Onto the poll.

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