The Mountain West Sucks

After nothing went our way this week (just like last year), and seeing the bleak predictions of us having to play a mediocre 8-4 Louisiana Tech team in the Poinsettia Bowl, I have come to one conclusion: we have got to get out of this crap conference.  Why?

Bowl Tie-Ins: The Mountain West's bowl tie-ins suck.  Just look at this slate:


Maaco Bowl Las Vegas

MWC #1 vs. PAC-12 #5

SDCCU Poinsettia Bowl

MWC #2 vs. WAC #1

Independence Bowl

ACC #7 vs. MWC #3

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl

CUSA #3 vs. MWC #4

New Mexico Bowl

MWC #5 vs. PAC-12 #7


Does anyone else see a problem with the top team in the MWC playing a PAC opponent that is only slightly better than who the fifth-best team in the MWC plays? None of these bowls are very good.  We basically can't afford to lose one game by even a razor-thin margin or we get downgraded to the Vegas Bowl at best, with a HUGE hit financially.

Money: The Big East has a lot of it, the Mountain West... doesn't.  If we're serious about upgrading the stadium in the hopes of attracting big-name teams to Boise, we need to go to the Big East.  If we really want a baseball team, again, we need to go to the Big East.

TV Contract: The Mountain West is featured on a bunch of boondock channels nobody gets.  I'm pretty sure West Bumblecrap Cable Access is going to be showing BSU/New Mexico next week.  All jokes aside, this is hurting our reputation.  ESPN is WAY too influential in college sports.  Since we aren't playing on their networks anymore, they have decided to pretend we don't exist in an almost psychopathic manner.  We're ignored on College Gameday, marginalized on SportsCenter, and Houston is glorified more than we are, even though we have a winning reputation and they don't.  They even cackle with glee as they leave the winningest quarterback in college football history out of their Heisman previews entirely.  The Big East, of course, does play on ESPN.  If we go to the Big East, just watch how quickly ESPN will come back to loving us again.

Competition: The proposed new Big East, while still not totally optimal in terms of SOS, is still a major step up from the Mountain West's current joke schedule. Instead of playing the likes of New Mexico and Colorado State, we'll be playing teams like Louisville, Houston, and SMU.  If West Virginia loses their lawsuit and has to stay in the Big East, even better for us.  Watching our team blow out weaker opponents is fun and all, but we always take our foot off the brakes late in order to be classy, and our team suffers because of it.  By the middle of the year, the starters are no longer conditioned to play all four quarters, and that's why we've been losing to our tougher conference opponents at the least opportune time (Nevada, TCU).  The current weak conference schedule also allows the closed-minded non-AQ haters in the media and in the college football fanbase to keep discounting our accomplishments, writing them off as "only having to get up for one or two teams per year."  We need a tougher SOS to silence the haters AND to keep the team focused and conditioned all year long.

Look, the fact of the matter is, the Mountain West has not turned out to be what we signed up for.  We had dreams of joining together with Utah, TCU, and BYU and going AQ, but they were dashed as soon as they all ran away from the conference with their tails between their legs.  And the proposed CUSA/MWC merger doesn't help matters, that has clown college written all over it.  We need to get out of the MWC as soon as possible for the sake of our future, even if that means going independent for a year and waiting until we can officially start Big East play.

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