Hatemay's Game thoughts- Wyoming Edition

Boise State got off to a slow start Saturday as they hosted the Cowboys of Wyoming.  Join me after the jump as I discuss my game thoughts

Quarterbacks-  Kellen Moore had a decent day.  He missed his wide receivers by a wide distance on a few throws, made a throw or two into double coverage, but also found open receivers time and time again against Wyoming.  The Wyoming defense did not account for our running backs out of the backfield on many plays and Kellen made the Wyoming defense pay for it.  Moore did connect with nine different targets throughout the afternoon.  Moore threw for 279 yards and three touchdowns.  He did give up a costly pick six early in the first quarter.  Moore appeared most comfortable when he was in the no huddle offense.  


Running backs-  Doug Martin ran hard all day despite being a little banged up.  Martin had 153 yards on 26 carries and added one catch for 10 yards.  D.J. Harper did his damage on the receiving end of things, catching 5 passes for 51 yards.  Our backs ran hard all day against a Wyoming defense that has been susceptible to the run all year long. 


Wide Receivers-  Had a pretty good day.  I still think Tyler Shoemaker lacks physicality at times.  Kirby Moore continues to be our 3rd down go to guy.  We had good contributions all around from our WR corps.  I would have preferred our coaches to try to get Dallas Burroughs involved in our deep game a little more.  What would it hurt to take some shots with him down field?  It isnt as if we need to hide him for games to come.  We've lost our shot at a BCS game, no need to conceal things now.... might as well get him some more looks.


Offensive line-  Doing a good job.  They did allow some un-necessary penetration at times but Kellen shuffled up in the pocket to avoid further trouble.  Our line is playing hard.  I know that they have been banged up all year.  Once again we had a 100 yard rusher and had much more rushing on the afternoon.  Cory Yriarte is in a tight race with D.J. Harper as the comeback player of the year for the Broncos. 


Defensive Line-  Much more active than they have been in weeks past.  Smith wasn't completely scared but he was not comfortable either.  Chase Baker had some good pressure at times and Billy Wynn was found in the offensive backfield at times.  If I remember correctly, Tyrone Crawford did force a fumble that we recovered. 


Line backers-  Aaron Tevis had a good night.  He sniffed out a screen pass and sacked Brett Smith before he could get rid of the pass.  Our guys were flying to the ball and plugging the holes against Wyoming's spread offense. 


Secondary-  Much better than the previous weeks.  The coaching staff moved George Iloka to corner back and started Travis Stanaway at safety.  This proved to be a great move since Wyoming passed the ball alot short and to the outside of the defense.  Having a strong tackler on the outside helped things out, but we needed to get off those blocks a little sooner.  Travis Stanaway played great for our struggling secondary.  Lee Hightower showed improvement with closing on the ball and causing two pass break ups.  I like to see progressions such as that for HIghtower.  Now he should build on that and get a little bit better next week, and a little bit better in our bowl game. 


Special Teams-  We didn't punt the ball the best that we have in the past.  Could have done better there.  We did get too much penetration on the extra point that was blocked. 


We came out flat.  We need to use the no-huddle more often.  I say we come out against New Mexico in the no huddle.  Let Kellen Moore air it out for the home crowd on his final game at home.  More Kirby.  We need to get him the ball more often.  Anyone know why Jonathan Brown was not in the game?

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