The Mikrino Poll: You know why the wind blows in Idaho? Because Wyoming sucks! Ahahahahahahaha!

Hello friends, welcome to another weekly installment of sarcasm, wit, snark, other good words, and hatred. This week we cast our ire towards to Cowboys of Wyoming. A surprising bunch of kids who get to be Boise State's first opponent in Bronco Stadium after losing their first conference home game in 13 years. Yeah, good luck with that Pokes.



Your typical fan on gameday in Laramie.

Wyoming has been the MWC surprise team of the 2011 season so far. Last year's squad finished 3-9 and that included a 51-6 blowout by Boise State in Laramie. They were bad. Then God parted the sky and Austyn Carta-Samuels left for Vanderbilt, in what was quite possibly the best thing to happen to Cowboy Football in more than a decade. He was bad, you see.

Enter Bret Smith, freshman from Salem, Oregon. And possibly the best freshman in the country this year. He's like Carta-Samuels, except for he's good at football. So really he's not like Carta-Samuels at all. The Cowboys are 7-3 and tied with Boise State for 2nd in the conference behind TCU. They desperately need a reminder of their place in the conference. Luckily Boise State is poised to give them just that.


Know your place, or have it force fed to you, natch.

Here's the thing about Wyoming; their losses are to Nebraska, TCU, and Utah State.





Team Schedule
Date Opponent Result Game Time Attendance
09/03/11 Weber St. W 35-32 3:31 21,492
09/10/11 Texas St. W 45-10 2:59 23,248
09/17/11 @ Bowling Green W 28-27 3:15 14,813
09/24/11 22 Nebraska L 14-38 3:07 32,617
10/08/11 @ Utah St. L 19-63 2:53 17,561
10/15/11 UNLV W 41-14 3:04 22,985
10/29/11 @ San Diego St. W 30-27 2:59 29,730
11/05/11 19 TCU L 20-31 2:53 17,673
11/12/11 @ Air Force W 25-17 3:14 33,823
11/19/11 New Mexico W 31-10 3:00 14,959
11/26/11 @ 7 Boise St.
12/03/11 @ Colorado St.
@ : Away, + : Neutral Site


 We can't allow a team that loses to Utah State to have any chance in Bronco Stadium. The coaches know this, the players know this, and you and I know this. Wyoming is having a good season at the very worst time to visit Boise. The Broncos will play their first game at home since losing to TCU, by one point, on a ballsy two-point conversion. We should fully expect the Broncos to come out with heads aflame, and put the Cowboys down in a hurry. Think, San Diego State last week in the first 5 minutes, but for the entire game. I don't expect it to be close AT ALL. Granted my expectations are rather homeristic, and I live in Wyoming. If this games is close or God forbid we lose, I'll never hear the end of it. I may or may not talk way too much trash.

I suppose Wyoming may score some points tomorrow, Bret Smith is pretty good. But they are playing there runningbacks at WR, attrition has taken a toll on the offense. Likewise they've had their Defensive Ends moved inside to Tackle most of the year, so it's not surprising they've been porous against the run. To the tune of 116th in the nation. They give almost 230 yards per game on the ground. Hello Doug Martin.

But I've come to expect that we'll get burnt on a long ball at least once, or twice, or thrice. Damn it it better not be thrice!

To Lee Hightower and Quaylon-Ewing Burton;

This is not high-school. You can't stare down the QB and expect to stay with your coverage. These receivers are better than that. Please play your man and look back for the ball.

Thank you,



Aside from that, I think the players will be sufficiently motivated to curbstomp this team. We will need effective pass rush and contain to stop Bret Smith from Kaepernicking his way to the endzone.

 Also, Wyoming is good at this turnover thing Kevan always mentions. How good? Well they're 2nd in the nation at +1.5 A GAME. But that's not what's crazy; They've forced 16 fumbles. A large number, yeah? Well, they've recovered 17 of them. They've only lost six all year. Holding on to the ball will be a premium in this game. They've had several games with multiple forced fumbles;

Bowling Green - 2

Nebraska - 3

TCU - 3

Air Force - 3

San Diego State - 2


Plain and simple, I need bragging rights at work. Especially since I painted my guys' office Blue and Orange today. We're gonna have to demoralize Wyoming tomorrow! Either way, I'll still be voting the Broncos #1 in my BlogPoll. Take that Craig James!


On to the poll.

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