Hatemay's Keys to the Game- Wyoming Edition

The Boise State Broncos came away from San Diego with a win, and return home to host the Wyoming Cowboys.  The Cowboys boast a 7-3 record and look to upset the Broncos.  Join me after the jump as I discuss the keys to the game.

Wyoming has a 7-3 record and has lost only one conference game, to TCU.  Wyoming got off to a great start by squeezing out a victory against Weber State, beating Texas State and nipping Bowling Green.  The Cowboys lost back to back games to the Brothers Pelini in Lincoln and got stomped by Utah State by 44 points.  Wyoming appears to have picked up some legitimate momentum with victories at Air Force and home against New Mexico.  


Wyoming features a dual threat, true freshman quarterback in Brett Smith that can hurt us if we aren't careful.  Hurt, I would go as far to say he could beat us by making some deep throws and keeping us off balance with his legs.  Smith has thrown for 2200+yards and rushed for another 500+ yards.  Smith had 15 touchdowns to five interceptions.  Wyoming doesn't air the ball out a ton, but if Wyoming has film of the last three games I see no reason why they won't pass the ball 50 times, well above their season average of 33.  I know historically Wyoming has been a D-1 doormat but this game is tricky for the Broncos if they don't figure things out in the secondary and get more consistent opening holes for our ground game. 


Boise State Offensive Keys:


Control the clock.  BSU must finish the game having time of possession around 36 minutes.  That means that we are making drives, running the ball, completing passes and finishing drives.  Finishing drives has been an issue for us this year.  Also, we need to get our defense off the field so that Wyoming can't work their game plan by running their quarterback and throwing the ball behind our cornerbacks.


175 Rush yards.  This goes with number one.  We shouldn't be giving the ball to Martin another 36 times this game, I would like to see more Wild Potter this game and a little bit of Raphiel Lambert this time around, if DJ Haprer is not healthy.


Score on our first two possessions.  We came out against SDSU and scored on the first drive and I think that gave us a good boost.  Unless we start on defense we tend to be a bit sluggish.  Not scoring on our first drive will give Wyoming good momentum and put our secondary in the spotlight. 


Boise State Defensive Keys:


Someone at the corner back position needs to step up.  Remember two years ago when we lost Richie Brockel to a season ending foot injury?  Someone needed to step up, and that person was Dan Paul.  Paul played like he was desperate to keep his new found role and proved to not miss a beat since his taking up the starting role. We need our corners to have that mentality.  Gavins came out of the gate this year very hungry, same with Harper.  Our secondary is wide open.  Any one from Qualon Ewing-Burton, Ebo Makinde (maybe done with injury) Lee Hightower, and Bryan Douglas have a great opportunity in front of them.  Rarely have I seen so many injuries decimate a position before.  They are getting a chance to be in competition for spot going into next year and all of them are failing........


Intercept two passes.  The last two games we have only forced one interception per game.  We need to do better with that.  SDSU and TCU let the ball fly and we really should have picked more passes than we have.  And interceptin passes starts with pass rush, then coverage down field.  Guys need to be smart and realize teams will go at us with double moves......  Gotta be smart. 


Limit Brett Smith's rushing to 20 yards or less.  He averages about 50 yards a game, and we need to cut that in half to keep him from running away with the game (no pun intended). 


Wyoming Offensive keys:


Air raid, pass happy, run and shoot, spread, shot gun what ever you wanna call it.  Pass the ball.  Go right at our defensive backs.  The double move has killed us the last two games.  Make the Boise State secondary prove they can stop it, even if it results in an early pick......


Roll out Brett Smith.  Roll outs and bootlegs take the defensive line out of the picture, and allow a good runner to keep the ball if down field option aren't available (but they probably will be). 


Keep it within 10 points at halftime.  We were down to TCU by six points at half and that proved more than the difference in the game.  If Wyoming wants to upset us they can never be down by more than 14 points in this game.  We had two chances to go up by two TD's against TCU and failed to.....


Wyoming defensive Keys:


Mix up the looks, somehow come up with a new look they haven't had all year.  UNLV came out in a few blitzes that our guys hadn't seen on film all year. 


Force three turnovers.  Yes, as Kevan would say "win the turnover battle/ obligatory mention,"  and he ain't just a whistling Dixie either.....When a team wins the turnover battle they stand a much better chance to win the game.... just ask Virginia Tech fans how Frank Beamer has made a living in Blacksburg......


Hold Boise State to 27 points at home.  If they do that, they have a big change of winning this game.


I think Boise will score on their first two possessions.  I think that Wyoming poses some problems for us if we are not careful.  My prediction, 49-20 Blue

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