BSU BBALL #3 in PPG and #11 in FG% in NCAA


Ok, so this has to be taken with a grain of salt but hear me out.  

We've only played three games and they were WEAK opponents.  Still I was pretty amazing we were even ranked that high in these departments, but in order to see what this really means and find my grain of salt I thought I'd look up SOS rankings to see how we're doing compared to other teams playing just as easy schedules right now.  I'm no expert in the bball rankings and stuff like this but after a quick Google search I was referred to a couple sources and I think I understand them enough to give us a better look at this team. looked like the best Strength of Schedule rankings Google found for me and according to their rankings, Boise State is #288 out of 345 teams listed.  Only statistic from Div I games are included into these rankings so our first game verse Colorado Christian wouldn't count into these rankings.  So to see if these FG% and PPG stats give a crap lets compare them to notable teams around us in the RPI Rankings  (listed in order of SOS RPI ranking).

SOS RPI - Team - PPG, FG%

277 - Kansas State - 73, 44.9%
278 - Oklahoma - 85, 41.5%
279 - Illinois - 70.7, 47%
280 - Cornell - 66, 41.4%
281 -  Wyoming - 65.7, 44.4%
282 - Boston College - 65.5, 37.4%
284 - #17Michigan - 60.7, 43.4% 
288 - Boise State - 92.7, 52.9%
291 - St. Marys - 77.5, 49.6%
292 - #10Memphis - 97(1st in NCAA), 58.6% (1st in NCAA)
294 - #6 Duke - 82.3, 51%
297 - #4 UConn - 78.8, 47.8%
301 - Notre Dame - 76.5, 46.9%
303 - UNLV - 85.3, 50%

After so few games and games against crappy competition no less I think this is the most accurate barometer for looking at our team and in particular our FG% and PPG stats.  Using the list above here are rankings by PPG and FG %:

PPG Rankings

97 - #10Memphis
92.7 - Boise State
85.3 - UNLV
85 - Oklahoma
82.3 - #6 Duke
78.8 - #4 UConn
76.5 - Notre Dame
77.5 - St. Marys
73 - Kansas State
70.7 - Illinois
66 - Cornell
65.7-  Wyoming
65.5 - Boston College
60.7 - #17Michigan


58.6% - #10Memphis
52.9% - Boise State
51% - #6 Duke
50% - UNLV
49.6% - St. Marys
47.8% - #4 UConn
47% - Illinois
46.9% - Notre Dame
44.9% - Kansas State
44.4% - Wyoming
43.4% - #17Michigan
41.5% - Oklahoma
41.4% - Cornell
37.4% - Boston College

Am I saying that because we're shooting better than Duke, UConn and Michigan against the same level of competition then we would beat them in a head to head?  Of course not, there are obviously hundreds of other factors that go into comparing teams besides FG% and PPG however, what I am trying to show is that we have shooters that are as good or better against this level of competition than Duke, UConn and Michigan.  Fact of the matter is that as our SOS RPI goes up our FG% and PPG will probably decrease by a much faster/higher rate than Duke, Uconn, and Michigan will as they hit regular season play.  That said I still think this is an awesome indicator that we are goig to be seeing some good shooting on the Taco Bell Arena Pavillion hardwood now that Coach Rice is here.  Most of our high scorers are freshmen, he's recruited a great 1st class and I'm excited to see what the program is like 5-10 years from now.


Grain of Salt:

We're playing weak competition, FG% and PPG will probably decrease once stiffer competition arrives.

Grain of Sugar:

We're shooting better than other NCAA teams playing similarly weak competition and in the case of #17Michigan, quite a bit better.  This also shows that when playing crappy teams we can be as accurate as fellow MWC brethren UNLV and Wyoming.

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