Hatemay's Game Thoughts: SDSU Edition

Bronco's got off to a fast start on the road against the dangerous Aztecs.  Join me after the jump as I breakdown my game thoughts.

Quarterback-  Kellen Moore had an impressive day.  Moore finished with 366 yards on 28 completions of 40 attempts.  The Aztec 3-3-5 did appear to give Moore a problem here and there, but in the end, Moore found the open man time and time again. and took what the defense gave him. 11 different receivers caught passes from Moore.


Running backs-  Doug Martin was the feature back, taking 36 carries for 129 yards.  Martin found the yards up the middle tough to come by, but managed to come up with timely runs to keep the drives going, or found the endzone.  Martin needs to do a better job of taking care of the ball, especially in the red zone.  Those are points we left on the field.  All in all, great job by Martin as we did not have the services of D.J. Harper today. 


Wide Receivers-  Great job today.  No drops as I recall, and we did push the ball down field with completions to Boldewijn and Dallas Burroughs .  Our wide receivers continue to block well on the outside on sweep plays or on the bubble screens to other wide receivers.  After waiting all off season, I am happy we finally saw the Wild Potter, of which we scored a touchdown on.  We have alot to be happy about with the future of our WR corps.  Kirby Moore proves his worth as a possession receiver, and Dallas Burroughs could be a huge threat in the games to come.  This is two games in a row that he has torched a defensive back.  Not bad for a true freshman.


Defensive Line-  Good pressure.  There were times that Ryan Lindley was comfortable, but as the game wore on he got hit quite a bit.  Tyrone Crawford showed good speed and discipline by staying at home and sniffing out the reverse in the first half. Billy Winn proved impossible to block in the first half.   Our defensive line did a great job of bottling up the run. 


Line backers-  With the exception of a missed gap assignment on the 81 yard run, our LB's did pretty well.  I did like the fact that they were allowed to blitz this week, which put more hits on Lindley. 


Secondary-  Good gracious.  I have news.... if I was an opposing team, I would not run the ball, I would take my chances with the double moves all night long.  Guys, be realistic.... our secondary needs help, teams are going after you.... this is being football smart.  You must know you are the weak link, and you need to be aware that teams are going to test us deep..... not short. Let a team beat us short.  If they throw it short, we need to wrap up.... not arm tackle.


Special Teams-  Played great.  We have benefited from lights out play by our special teams (place kicking aside) and particularly our punt coverage team.  Hazen Moss, Blake Renaud, Josh Borgman, Hunter White, and Brad Elkin have starred in a punt coverage that has pinned teams deep in their own territory and kept returners from running wild. 


We need to finish drives.  Once again we left far too many points on the field.  If you are in the game, starter or reserve, you goal should be to score... not simply run things out or keep the wheels from coming off.  If you play like that, than the wheels will come off.  If you have a job to do, do it well every play.  Block your man, make your reads, make your cuts, deliver pain, run your routes etc.  I don't care if we are running a simple zone play, go hard.  We need to have the killer mentality.  We can never be up by too many points, and no lead is safe in college football.  I am not saying we have to be super aggressive in our play calling, but we need to be disciplined.  All in all, good win on the road.

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