Hatemay's Keys to the Game- SDSU Edition

The show must go on.  The Broncos go on the road to sunny San Diego to face the San Diego State Aztecs.  Join me after the jump as I discuss my Keys to the game.

Yes, our hopes and dreams of a BCS bowl went down the toilet last Saturday, but the show must go on.  The Broncos have a lot to work on in order to finish the year strong.  First things first, we must tidy up the defense.  SDSU does have a good running game but the big question this week is whether or not star running back Ronnie Hillman will be playing.  I think the defensive game plan this week is this.... leave at least one high safety at all times in the defensive backfield.  


I think this week when a running back motion out of the backfield we will see Byron Hout, Aaron Tevis, or any other of our LB corps take the running back and not one of our safeties.  We will see more of our traditional 4-2-5 and not any of our 3-3-5 or 3-2-6 specialty schemes.  There is a lot to work on with both sides of the ball.  I say get Dallas Burroughs a few more snaps, get Mitch a few more deep balls, and get youngsters Blake Renaud and Ricky TAT more involved with the defense. 


Boise State Offensive keys:


Score on the first drive of the game.  We must come out guns blazing.  There are many reasons to not play well this week, but we need someone to "Kick Start our heart."


Mötley Crüe - Kickstart My Heart (via REDdistributionSME)


Score 35 points.  That is the magic number this week.  We are given an 18 point spread this week, and I think we may barely cover that......


500 Yards of total offense.  This is linked with key number one.  We need to move the ball early and often and finish drives.  We need to throw it well, and run it well.


Boise State Defensive Keys:


No touchdowns greater than 20 yards through the air.  If we learned anything from last week it is don't get beat deep.  Our corners need to be smarter, our corners need to be put in better situations (keeping at least one safety back at all times, cough cough) our line backers need to be put in positions to pressure the quarterback. 


Win the turnover battle.  This is a key to every game, duh, I know.  But we had an opportunity to recover a total of 5 fumbles last week, three of TCU's and two of ours, and we only recovered one.  Tough to win a game when there are so many chances to make something happen when an opportunity comes our way and we don't capitalize. 


Hold SDSU to 17 points of fewer.


San Diego Offensive Keys:


2nd down and 4.  With an NFL style offense, an NFL QB prospect, and a rushing attack that has the 2nd best rusher in the country, this team must run the ball well on first down.  2nd down and 4 opens things up  for play action and more rushing or short yardage passes.  We remember what happened when a rushing team came in and was constantly in the game because they were always in a 2nd down and 3 or 4 yards......  Gotta stop them on first down. 


Ryan Lindley needs 300 yards or better, and the rushing games need over 110 yards this game.  If they are rushing the ball well, then they should be able to move the ball through the air with play action and deep passes. 


Time of possession...... Air Force kept the ball for much longer than we did, TCU scored in bunches, so SDSU, not having the skills at WR that TCU had must hold onto the ball longer than BSU.  SDSU must keep the ball for 25 minutes if they want to beat us. 


SDSU Defensive Keys:



Keep Boise State passing attack to under 260 yards.  SDSU must follow what TCU did in all aspects of the game, offensive and defensive.  TCU challenged us to beat them deep and save one occasion we could not.  I think SDSU will load the line of scrimmage and jam our WR', we need to beat them deep. 


Recover a fumble. We can't expect to win a game against SDSU on the road while giving the ball away. 


SDSU must force 5 BSU punts. 



SDSU isn't a push over.  We can come out flat and not execute plays and fall behind early, or we can respond the way we did last year by taking the opposing quarterback's pass the other way for six points.  It all comes down to whether or not we want to finish strong or throw in the towel.  I know that our expectations were not met with the loss to TCU, but this a turning point for our young guys.  The underclassmen on this team, starters or not must take this as a chance to get great reps and learn from our seniors while they can.  They are the future and they must take steps for them to be the leaders of next years team.


My prediction 30-14 Blue.

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