To the Fiesta Bowl Committee

Dear Fiesta Bowl Committee, 

Greetings from Boise State. Let me get straight to the point: Boise State is a logical choice for inclusion in your bowl. 

Please hear me out. 

Logically, Oklahoma even with two losses -- the next one coming at the hands of Big 12 favorite Oklahoma State -- is still a well-rounded choice for the Fiesta Bowl. A one-loss Oklahoma is still equally as logical and well-rounded choice for your bowl, provided they don't play for the national championship (which at this point is a shot in the dark). 

And so, with your first selection, I understand taking Oklahoma to your bowl. 

As you well know, Boise State is fine football team. Still one of the top 10 in the country. Provided they continue to win, Boise State will be ranked no lower than #8 (and possibly even #6 or 7) in the final BCS standings. 

As we both know and understand the BCS system, Boise State is STILL not guaranteed a BCS bowl even ranked at #8. And this is where you come in. 

The bottom line: Boise means money. 

Since it's already a foregone conclusion that Oklahoma will play in the Fiesta Bowl, here's something to think about. "Boise State vs. Oklahoma - Fiesta Bowl II... the Rematch."

Yes, the rematch. Now, let me preface this by saying that you know full well the fans of Boise State are more than willing to travel to the Fiesta Bowl. We've done it twice now in more than satisfying numbers. I realize your ticket sales go to the university and any unsold tickets will be the responsibility of the university itself and not the Fiesta Bowl. 

However, I have no doubt that all those tickets will be sold. And I believe, based on our past experience with you that you'll find that to be true. 

We both know that's not where the real money comes from. In fact, the real money-maker is the television revenue it will generate. 

Let me put this into perspective: The Boise State vs. Virginia Tech season opener was one of the highest rated regular season games in the history of college football. And the reason why is very simple: because people either hate or love Boise State and all they represent. They are, without a doubt, the nation's most polarizing team. Boise brings ratings because people either want to see them kill a giant or be crushed by one. History has proven this. 

And here's the kicker: the Boise State vs. Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl of 2007 is hailed as one of the greatest games ever played. So how about this: "Boise State vs. Oklahoma - the Rematch". Couple Oklahoma's large fan base with the fanbase of Boise State as well as those who will watch Boise State to see them lose (which at least doubles that of the entire Boise State fanbase) and we are talking HUGE TV ratings. This game, while maybe not able to compete with the ratings of the national championship game, will be guaranteed to exceed those of all other BCS bowls. 

And ratings equal revenue. 

What's more, if you can pull a little weight with ESPN (especially since they'll be broadcasting the game and will have a vested interest in the monetary aspect of it) to talk the game up on their network, only minimal advertising will be necessary. 

Think about it: a BSU/OU rematch will bring your bowl more money than it can possibly imagine. More with a BSU/OU rematch than it would with any other matchup.

And please also consider that you REALLY don't want another debacle like last year's OU/UConn blowout. Nobody likes those. Close (and might I add, high scoring games) are always more exciting in the college football world than any other type of game (please disregard the ratings and note the after-game opinions of MOST college football fans subsequent to the Alabama/LSU "game of the century" during the regular season). Most people don't want to see that. Most people know that a BSU/OU rematch will provide the polar opposite: a high-scoring, close, fireworks affair that the entire nation will be tuned to watch.

Thank you very much for your consideration. 



Bronco Nation

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