Congress: "Don't we have more important things to do?"

"Ladies and Gentlemen of the great state of Idaho. We have more important things to do than to worry about something as trivial as sports." Signed-Congress.

Arguments for why we should not address a College Football playoff or access to the BCS based upon performance alone:

  • 1989 "It would add too many games to college student's already hectic schedules. That was when colleges played 10 games per season." Now we play twelve to fourteen games a season.
  • 2000 "Tradition! we can't mess with the tradition! These are storied programs we're talking about...STORIED!" What the heck does that even mean really?
  • 2005 "It's all about the regular season. College Football has the most compelling regular season. Introduce a playoff and all of the regular season games will lose viewership and support. College Football will become College Basketball." Really? Every study I've seen says that by keeping the BCS as is they are loosing out on hundreds of millions of dollars of potential media earnings per year. Teams will still have to earn their spots via a poll of some kind, right?
  • 2007 "We Big programs have invested so much money in college football that they deserve to get it back. How much have these upstarts contributed? Now they want equal access? How un-American!" Is College Football supposed to be like pro wrestling where you put on a show of super massive power with a rigged outcome because it makes more money? Besides, when the "Trust" is busted and access is actually based on on-the-field performance, these big schools will have to think twice about pumping so much money into their schools without guaranteed BCS money (even if they don't play in the BCS). The cash flow won't be there to pay for their drug habit arms war.
  • AND THE LATEST: "Our country has more important things to worry about than College Football." This is their response to Anti-Trust measures being considered in Congress. NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND. College football is a very very massive industry. Heck, Congress had enough time this year to address ski resort legislation aimed at opening public lands for summer recreation (for a profit). The ski industry looks like a speck of dust compared to the College Football industry. But, NO, it would be embarrassing to take this to Congress! After all, we have more serious problems. Aren't we the country of "anything for the economy?" Congress sells our souls every day to protect the economy. College football generates more industry revenue than all of the major sports franchises combined. All of them. How is making sure that this money is not used to support a corrupt system so inconsequential that to merely address it is offensive? Nice try Fat Cats! This pic sums it all up.

"Ahem...Glass, we here at Congress have so much pressure, so many problems to solve. We've got two wars going on for crying out loud! We hardly sleep a wink when we withdraw to our 50 acre retreats, it's so hard. Oh...wait a minute while we pass a bill to build a few bridges to nowhere."

The thing about Monopolies (Trusts) is that they are very easy to identify. Just look for how much effort they put into preventing competition from entering into their industry. If we can't fix the obvious small things, how can we hope to ever fix the big ones?

What other stupid arguments have you guys heard?

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