Why one loss hurts so much...

I've been trying to figure out all day and all last night why this one little loss hurts so much. We didn't get blown out, we came up short by one or two missed (or late) tackles on 2 two point conversions, we missed one field goal, we simply lost by one point... so why does it hurt so much?

I believe the answer lies in the lies of the BCS. We as Bronco Nation have been brain-washed into believing this BCS system. Not that we believe it's right or good by any means, but the belief we have bought into is that the season is meaningless unless we go to a BCS (and win) game.

Do we the fans care about the money part of the BCS? Not really, yes we like better facilities, but honestly we could care less as long as Coach Pete stays around. So what is the big deal about BCS games? The big deal that we've bought into is the belief that the season and/or the team is only a success (elite team) if we play in a BCS game. That's a load of BW.

Why should we measure our success by what the BCS elitists tell us? We as Bronco Nation hurt because we spend hours upon hours arguing that the Broncos are a success, an elite team, that they belong, but we feel that "we" need to "prove" this and the only way to "prove" is for the football team to go undefeated and play in a BCS game. "We" can't control anything, that also might account for part of the hurt. The BCS has essentially required a non-AQ school to go undefeated to play in a BCS game. That fact, in combination with measuring our success by going to a BCS game, is why we are hurt. We all know it isn't right, but we still hurt.

It's one game. We will all move on. We moved on from the Nevada loss didn't we? When we understand that we have bought into a lie of how to measure the success of a team and realize that reality will never measure up I believe that we as Bronco Nation will enjoy Bronco football more.

The reason that I believe that we have bought into this lie is simply this: We feel that Kellen and the rest of the Seniors, and even simply the rest of the team, deserve more than what we think they will ultimately get at season's end because of this one loss. And they do. Kellen, IMO, deserves the Heisman. We want the rest of the world to love the Broncos like we do. We want outsiders to see how deserving the team is. Some will, some won't, that is just reality.

We as Bronco Nation need to stand united and not let the outsiders bash and demean the team. We need to not measure success by the way outsiders like to measure success. For goodness sake, we've lost 3 games in the last 4 years. How many other teams can say that, regardless of the "level" of competition? We are a great team, an elite team! These Seniors deserve to go out in style and the only way for that to happen is if Bronco Nation knows our true measure of success. We are a non-AQ and quite possibly will be ranked 10 or 11 in the BCS rankings with one loss. That's something that even 5 years ago would have beeen a dream come true and now it has become a downer, a disappointment.

These are my thoughts as I try to move on. I will be honest, I hurt. I invest too much of my heart into this BCS BW, needing the team to prove itself, so and this might be a big one, so that we as Bronco fans feel justified in saying we're an elite team. This is America, we are free to have our opinions whether the rest of the college football world agree is up to them, they are all human just like us. We have a right to our opinion.

So Bronco Nation I say to you, stand up an say with pride forever and always, "We are an elite team!"

Send the Seniors out the way they deserve, knowing the love and appreciation we have for them!

Leave me your thoughts and opinions.

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