Hatemay's Keys to the Game- Pants Action Edition

The TCU Horned Frogs come to town on Saturday, led by head coach Gary "Pants Action" Patterson.  TCU isn't the team of years past but will present problems for our Broncos.  Join me after the jump as I break down my keys to the game.

For those of you who don't know why I refer to Coach Patterson as Pants Action I invite you to watch him when the camera focuses on him on the sideline during games and you will see why, or just watch this short clip....  


TCU GameDay "Pants-Action Patterson" (via stevo333914)


Okay, now to the real important things.


Boise State is not playing is best football right now.  Injuries on both sides of the ball have prevented us from building off the season opener the way we want to.  Injuries along the offensive and defensive line have hurt the Broncos, not to mention these mysterious ACL injuries that have hurt our backfield, and secondary.  Both starters at corner in the Georgia game are out with injuries, one for the year, the other is day to day.  Guys must step up. Now more than ever. And what better time than against an opponent who brings much tradition and skill to our stadium.


Boise State Offensive keys:


We need to utilize the whole playbook this week.  Last week against UNLV things were kept pretty vanilla.  I am not sure if that was because of the dropped passes, or if they didn't want to show TCU too much. Either way, we must have some good variety to throw off Pants Actions defensive game plan.


Kellen Moore throws for no less than 350 yards.  We must have a passing attack.  RG3PO burnt them through the air, and the QB for SMU hurt Patterson's ball club through the air, and I would much rather have Kellen at the helm than the already noted qb's. 


Score on a trick play.  Maybe a WR reverse off of the Wild Hedrick, or a reverse pass from Chris Potter.  That would be my guess.


Boise State Defensive Keys:


Intercept Casey Pachall twice.  Pachall is not Andy Dalton.  He does not run like Dalton and he doesn't make good decisions.  He is more of a gambler in my opinion.  We need to change up the looks in our secondary frequently and not let him settle into the same defensive scheme play in and play out.


Score on a turnover.  With our offense being a bit stalled recently our special teams has come up very big.  It is time for our defense to take one to the house.


Hold TCU to 13 first half points.  I know we can score 13 points on them, so 13 points is allowable. 


TCU Offensive Keys


Run the Pistol offense.  That is clearly our Achilles heal, even if UNLV is running it.  For some reason, when teams run the Pistol our defensive coaches have our corner backs play 12 yards off the ball.  I know sports pretty well, but can't figure out why we can't tighten up our corner backs to six yards.


Run the ball.  Pachall is a bit of a loose cannon, so I think that TCU should run at us.  Teams have had success running the ball against us.  TCU has speed and depth at the running back position, so I don't think that they can run it up our gut, rather try to get to the outside and make Jonathan Brown and our db's make plays.


Not turn the ball over. If they can avoid any interceptions thrown by Pachall, they may beat us.


TCU defensive keys 


Double team Matt Miller.  After watching Tyler Shoemaker drop a few passes last week, I would double up the RS Freshman and make Boldewijn or the Mitch Burroughs Experience beat them. 


Blitz blitz blitz.  They need to pressure Kellen, but I think they have the speed to recover if Kellen gets a quick pass to our WR corps.


Jam our WR at the line. Speed kills, and we don't have a ton of it at WR, but we have enough to get open on our routes, but not to run past defenders and create space.


This will be a tough game.  I think we have the edge, but the lack of consistent play has me worried.  No doubt Pants Action will be anxious to avenge his Fiesta Bowl defeat when he was out coached and his headsets caused them to lose the game.  My pick, 38-24 Blue


Joe Pa. I am sure we have all head the news that he was fired.  Let me be clear, I think the NCAA should get involved and Penn St should be given a lack of institutional control, and the death penalty should be inflicted for at least 5 years.  They had a faculty/ former faculty/coach/ former coach committing sexual crimes against a minor on school grounds.  This was reported to Joe Pa, which he reported to his superior.  Now, this is where it gets fuzzy as to what kind of "discipline" was inflicted. Had the assaults happened at a Motel 6 or "Big Ben's" nightclub, the NCAA may have some room for excusing themselves from dealing with the matter.


I grew up in the state of Washington, and teachers in the state of Washington are mandatory reporters of violence against a minor.  They go to the grocery store and see a minor being abused by the parent/guardian they are required to report it to child protective services.  They have a student who they see suspicious bruises on, they are required that they report possible abuse against a minor.  Can someone fill me in as to why a Division 1 Coach at an Institute at Higher Learning was not reported to Child Protective Services???? Not to mention the Police?  Is there a different set of rules for coaches to follow in regards to abuse of a minor?  It is for this reason why I believe Penn State should be hit with a lack of institutional control and the Death Penalty instituted. Mr. Sandusky should be tried according to the evidence provided, and Penn State should be punished for its lack of reporting this to the authorities.  All student athletes should be allowed to transfer without having to sit out any games.  This is absurd.  Penn State administration and coaches must be held responsible.  Death Penalty for five years.


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