The Mikrino Poll: Why I hate purple and mythological horned amphibians, and football teams associated with them.

Welcome back Obnuggers to this week's weekly installment of hatred, homerism, and downright biased thought patterns of your truly; Mikrino, Bronco Champion Zealot and Master of Blue and Orange Glory!*


*I respectfully request to be addressed as such from this time forth.


This week we make fun of fake frogs, the color purple, and other random things about TCU football. Namely; arm bands, and the excessive use of them.


Seriously, why?

I'm not sure I get why you do this. Tank Carder is pretty good. He'll probably try to maim Kellen Moore like he tried to maim Wyoming's Brett Smith last week. And for all his greatness, I can't help but laugh at how stupid this looks on him. Seriously, does he think he's RoboCop or something?


When TCU rolls into town this Saturday it will definitely be the MWC "Game of the Century", or what ever other hyperbole you wish to use. It will be a game, we know that, and we don't need to pander it as an all-out slugfest, slobberknocker, war of attrition, clash of the titans, be-all end-all of football Saturday. TCU is one of two teams to have beaten the Broncos in the last 4 seasons. They claimed a one-point victory in a come from behind effort in the 2008 Pointsettia Bowl. They've sported a top-notch defense for much of the last several seasons. Notsomuch this season, follow me...

Defensive Rankings Nationally for both teams
TCU Boise State
Total Defense: 39 12
Scoring Defense: 34 12
Rushing Defense: 31 53
Passing Defense: 61 5



It's safe to say the Horned Frogs have seen a substantial drop in their defensive prowess from years previous when you consider they led the country in Total Defense in 2008,2009 and 2010 respectively. Pass defense is where it's been the worst for TCU. They gave up 414 yards to Baylor in the opening upset loss. They gave up 349 yards to the SMU fightin' June Joneses as well. They've done rather well in the rest of their games, but it's important to note, the two I mentioned are the two they lost.

You might have noticed I highlighted Boise State's run defense too. It also seems to have taken a dip. Thank Air Force. Boise's Run Defense is strange, in an on-again off-again sort of way. Example? Why sure.


Boise State's Rushing Yards given up, Week by Week
Georgia 137 (80 yards on 1 play from Brandon Boykin)
Toledo 98
Tulsa 155
Nevada 59
Fresno State 144
Colorado State 84
Air Force 264
UNLV 182


The Broncos have alternated good rush defense with poorer rush defense in almost every game, until last week's coming-off-a-bye-week-and-coming-out-flat anamoly at UNLV. Which sets up well if you think about it because it means they're in line to shut down TCU this week. Which just happens to be where everyone and their dog is giving TCU a shot at a win in Bronco Stadium; running the ball, keeping Kellen Moore off the field at all times.

Because you have to know the Bronco Coaching Staff has noticed the more porous than usual pass defense of TCU. And they plan to crush them with quick strike passes on first down to Tyler Shoemaker on wheel routes to wide open spaces. It's going to happen Frogs. You can't stop it. So don't even try to.




Boise State's conference home game winning streak doesn't end this week folks.


Onto the poll.

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