Hatemay's Game thoughts- Fu Manchu Edion

It was a rough game for the Bulldogs of Fresno.  The BSU flag will remain up one more year longer in the Carr apartment, and Patricia Hill suffered another defeat at the hands of the Boise State Broncos. 

Well, I hate to pat myself on the back, but for those of you who read my keys to the  game  saw many of my predictions/keys come true.  Boise State did release their offensive frusterations upon a certain Fu Manchu Saturday night in the Valley.  The offense found the end zone early and often in a 57-7 Bronco Victory. 


Quarterbacks-  Kellen bounced back from a shaky performance one week ago to lead a near flawless passing attack which found holes in the Fresno zone all night long.  Moore connected with 10 different receivers and found the end zone three times while avoiding any interceptions.  Moore was 23/31 for 254 yards.  Moore had a 74 percent completion percentage.  Let us consider the one drop by Efaw, two drops from Kellen by Shoemaker, a drop by Linehan from Kellen, and a drop by Boldewijn from Kellen, that would bump his percentage up from 74 percent to 87 percent..  Not bad.  I am not seeing what I need to see out of Joe Southwick.  He is not playing like he wants a starting job next year.  He needs to do better as a back up.  Just because he comes in when the game is out of hand, does not give him the right to play like crap.  Grant Hedrick continues to run the zone read very well. 


Running backs-Doug Martin was close to 100 yards, but found the yards tough to come by as Logan Harrell terrorized our interior lineman.  However, I like the effort by Martin and Harper gave. D.J. Harper is a man playing like he wants a starting position.  He runs hard and makes the most of his time. 


Wide Receivers- This was the Jekyl and Hyde part of our game last night.  We had some brilliant moments and some not so brilliant moments.  Hats off to Matt Miller making a nice catch and paying the price for it.  Nice catch and run  on the screen pass to open the game.  It was great to see Geraldo Boldewijn make an impact on his return.  He does add a good dynamic to our receiving game.  The Mitch Burroughs Experience continues to make solid contributions through the air and ground.  But, my oh my we need to do a better job at catching the ball.  We had too many drops.  Lack of concentration.  All in all, we are going in the right direction with our wide receiving corps. 


Offensive line-  No sacks.  But Logan Harrell ate our lunch.  I did see some different configurations of bodies out there.  What to do with Chuck Hayes when Thomas Byrd comes back?  Move Cory Yriarte to the guard position?  We have some things to sort out and need to get some injuries nursed back to health if we want to be where we want to be in January. 


Defensive Line-  Good pressure.  All night.  Derek Carr was not comfortable.  We did a good job of clogging the holes so that Rouse could not run free. Coach K mixed up the defensive looks as well. There were times where we brought three, four and five lineman to rush, and each time we got sufficient pressure.


Line Backers-  Our linebackers gave great run support help to keep Rouse from hurting us.  Byron Hout has been a silent assassin this year.  He is not getting as much praise and noise this year as last, but he is playing so well. Credit to Aaron Tevis, Tommy Smith, J.C. Percy, Jonathan Brown and Hunter White


Secondary-  Great game.  Qualon Ewing-Burton proved last week was not a fluke. He is playing like a man desperate to keep his position.  He makes good tackles, gets his pad level low, and makes plays beyond his age.  Jamar Taylor made a great read on the ball on his pick.  Look for Colorado State to throw a hitch and go against Taylor in the first half of our game against them next week.  The safeties were quiet but that doesn't mean they didn't make plays.  We miss Jerrell Gavins very much.  But QEB proved he is a desperate to show his skill and carry the flag for the secondary. 


Special Teams-  Great job by Hunter White on the blocked punt.  Until the punt return to the house, our punt coverage team has been stellar.  Not sure why Elkin pussy-footed that punt.  I don't care if we are up by 50, don't pussy foot.  We don't have to keep the pedal down, especially on punt, but don't take a down off.  I thought Elkin should have rolled out and rugby kicked it, but he gave a crappy punt without rugby kicking.  I understand the play call may have called for a traditional punt, but I need a better punt.  Boy oh boy, I suggest Doug Martin start kicking our extra points and field goals.  I can understand not kicking good field goals, but we cannot miss extra points.  That is un-acceptable.  Kick off coverage continues to be great.


All in all, we out coached Fresno yet again.  Coach Pete continues to play to our strengths.  I like the defensive effort.  Rouse is tough to corral because he is so short.  I must say, I have been very tough on Mustache Rod, and Joe Tessitore's commentating abilities.  I have listened to many of their games, not just Boise State, but other games as well.  That was their best commentated game thus far.

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