Hatemay's Keys to the games- Fu Manchu edition

I apologize for being tardy with my prediction.  Had some happy events the last few days that caused my delay.  And no, I did not bump into Coach Pete at Albertsons.  Ask me about it at the next tailgate.  Lets get to it.

Okay, as usual Fresno State is off to their underachieving normal start.  They squeaked by the Mighty Sioux of North Dakota (that is in Grand Forks), beat DUI, then should have beaten Ole Miss, lost to Cal,  and lost to Brothers Pelini in a road game in Lincoln.  Fresno State has Derek Carr running the offense as a sophomore quarterback.  Carr throws a pretty ball, has some fire, and moves better than his elder brother, which could make for some good ball tonight.  To put it simply, he is alot better than Ryan Colburn.  


Boise State Offensive Keys:


Rush for 175 yards.  Now that the Muscle Hamster rushed for 100+ against the Pack he should pick up some confidence in his Offensive line.  Look for Harper to continue to make good contributions.  I will go on a limb and predict that the Mitch Burroughs Experience rushes for a touchdown of 25+ yards.  The wr reverse has been clicking.


Completions to 8 different receivers and complete a pass of more than 40 yards.  There are always fireworks when we meet up with Patricia Hill and Co. and I do not expect anything less.  With the re-reinstatement of Geraldo Boldewijn look for us to stretch the field.  Kellen has forgotten about last week.  He forgot about it the moment he put on the film for Fresno.  Period.


Total of at least 450 yards total offense.  The offense has something to prove after last weeks stalled performance.  Too bad Patricia will be the brunt of the Bronco rage.  


Fresno State offensive keys:


Derek Carr must have a big game.  This young man is slated for big things.  He moves well, throws the ball well and has the charisma it takes to be a good leader.  He has averaged 258 yards a game.  He must go above and beyond.  Carr must net 400 yards passing this game with no interceptions.  Lets face it folks.  If a team wants to beat the number four team in the country, they can't turn the ball over.


Robbie Rouse must channel his inner Ryan Mathews.  Rouse is a slippery back who has had four straight 100 yard games.  If Fresno wants to go deep with play action pass, he must gain some big yards on the ground to open things up down field.  Rouse must have 135 yards on the ground.


Take away the play book from Pat Hill.  He loves to gamble, and against Boise State that philosophy got him beat 52-0 last year.  He thought that blitzing the house against us would stop our passing attack.  Nope, it only put Titus Young in deep down field 1-1 situations. Resulting in a long day for the Fresno State Bulldogs and a certain Fu Manchu.


Boise State Defensive keys:


Intercept two passes.  With Jerrell Gavins out with injury, Qualon Ewing-Burton must continue to play solid.  Look for Carr to go after QEB, but that should result in QEB getting his fair share of opportunities to make a play. 


Limit Fresno to 300 yards of total offense. 


Force Fresno to punt nine times


Fresno State Defensive Keys: 


Keep Tyler Shoemaker to 50 yards receiving. 


Limit the amount of receivers with touches to five.  Fresno must find a way to keep Kellen from spreading the wealth.  I would jam the line of scrimmage and force Kellen to go deep to Boldewijn or the MBE.  


Take away the playbook from Pat Hill.  I have a feeling he will go for it on fourth and two on his own 30 yard line and it will result in a touchdown on the ensuing Boise State offensive play.  Yeah, the Gambler has guts, but guts aren't the only thing that wins a game.  Making plays, proper scouting, proper play calling, and having a copy of the "Coaching Tips 101" by  Frank Stallone in your bookcase makes for the complete package of what it takes to win a game. 


Don't expect the same fireworks as were last time we played in the Valley.  There will be some fireworks early but Boise will pull away.  42-13 Boise.

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