The Mikrino Poll: Fresno State and the Fu Manchu of Central Valley. Like Confucius, without the wisdom.

Welcome folks, to the Mikrino Poll. This week we're going going back back to Cali Cali. Fresno, which I actually think was voted out of California for douchebaggy-ness, is still home to perennial under-achiever Pat Hill. This week we laugh at that fact, and wonder out loud how many more 7-5 seasons with no possible hope of a conference championship or BCS Bowl the AD in Fresno is going to put up with. Pat should stick to building motorcycles, he's good at it.




Fresno State sits at 2-3 this season. With questionable wins over North Dakota and Idaho. They lost to Cal and Ole Miss at home this year, as well as losing to the same Nebraska team that just got demolished by Wisconsin. Simply put, they aren't that good. Which means they should be WAC Champs this year according to SEC fans. They are Fresno State. Which means they won't be WAC champs this year. They move to the Mountain West next season. Which means they won't win a conference championship for at least a decade or so.

The Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime mantra that Pat Hill has embraced has been their undoing for the last several years. They've developed a reputation for scheduling, and losing to, tough opponents. Excuse me, but how is that different than Nevada, Hawaii, Idaho or any other WAC doormat? It isn't;



Team Schedule
DateOpponentResultGame TimeAttendance
09/10/11 @ 9 Oregon L 20-69 3:20 58,818
09/17/11 @ San Jose St. W 17-14 3:03 17,238
09/24/11 @ Texas Tech L 34-35 3:22 55,664
10/01/11 @ 5 Boise St. L 10-30 3:03 34,098
10/08/11 UNLV
10/15/11 New Mexico
10/22/11 Fresno St.
10/29/11 @ New Mexico St.
11/12/11 Hawaii
11/19/11 Louisiana Tech
11/26/11 @ Utah St.
12/03/11 Idaho
@ : Away, + : Neutral Site


Team Schedule
DateOpponentResultGame TimeAttendance
09/03/11 Colorado W 34-17 3:20 37,001
09/10/11 @ Washington L 32-40 3:01 63,252
09/17/11 @ UNLV L 20-40 3:09 21,248
09/24/11 UC Davis W 56-14 3:19 30,756
10/01/11 @ Louisiana Tech W 44-26 3:56 25,212
10/14/11 @ San Jose St.
10/22/11 New Mexico St.
10/29/11 @ Idaho
11/05/11 Utah St.
11/12/11 @ Nevada
11/19/11 Fresno St.
11/26/11 Tulane
12/03/11 Brigham Young
@ : Away, + : Neutral Site


Team Schedule
DateOpponentResultGame TimeAttendance
09/01/11 Bowling Green L 15-32 3:12 12,173
09/10/11 North Dakota W 44-14 2:53 10,608
09/17/11 @ 24 Texas A&M L 7-37 2:53 86,623
09/24/11 Fresno St. L 24-48 3:24 15,110
10/01/11 @ Virginia L 20-21 3:26 39,827
10/08/11 Louisiana Tech
10/15/11 @ New Mexico St.
10/29/11 Hawaii
11/05/11 @ San Jose St.
11/12/11 @ Brigham Young
11/19/11 Utah St.
12/03/11 @ Nevada
@ : Away, + : Neutral Site


Team Schedule
DateOpponentResultGame TimeAttendance
09/03/11 + California L 21-36 3:20 31,563
09/10/11 @ 14 Nebraska L 29-42 3:36 85,101
09/17/11 North Dakota W 27-22 2:45 27,542
09/24/11 @ Idaho W 48-24 3:24 15,110
10/01/11 Mississippi L 28-38 3:30 32,063
10/07/11 5 Boise St.
10/15/11 Utah St.
10/22/11 @ Nevada
11/05/11 Louisiana Tech
11/12/11 @ New Mexico St.
11/19/11 @ Hawaii
11/26/11 San Jose St.
12/03/11 @ San Diego St.
@ : Away, + : Neutral Site


Nevada, Hawaii, Idaho, and Fresno's schedules, respectively.



The Difference? There is none, unless you go by absolute suck-osity, in which Idaho leads by a wide margin. Back to only beating only DI-AA schools up there in the Palouse, eh? Other than that, and Nevada and Hawaii having winning records the schedules aren't much different.

My point is this, advertising that you will travel and lose to bigger teams is what all inferior teams get paid to do. Fresno has touted it as show of fearless bravado, and I've never believed it or appreciated it. They haven't been a giant killer for at least 5 years. From the 2007 season to now, they are 0-9 against ranked opponents. They've lost to Colorado State, Wyoming, and Northern Illinois in there last three bowl appearances. Those are not good teams. They are always said to have all the talent to win a conference title and contend for a real bowl game, and yet they just don't do it. When are we going to say enough already?

Friday doesn't look too good either for the Bulldogs. Another tough ranked opponent comes to town. Another loss is staring them in the face. Sign him to another contract extension Fresno, you've earned it! To his credit, Coach Hill is always full of goods things to say about Boise State. Thanks Coach, as a show of gratitude please accept this token of appreciation;

/hands Pat Hill a 51 point shutout  /Pat Hill takes it  /Pat Hill will like it  /Pat Hill likes it

 Another Mikrino Poll is proved correct.

 And by the way, I too am 42-2 over the last four seasons plus. By no fault of my own. Keep those rec's coming, I deserve them.

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