Hi! I'm Kellen! (No, not that one...)


No, this is not me.  We do, however, share the same first name....

Hey all!

I've been a long time lurker at OBNUG, but never posted here...but it's too BW-ing rainy here on the Oregon coast, and this season (both on and off the field) has been way too crazy to NOT participate here, so I decided now is as good of a time as ever to sign up, and actually become a member of this community (instead of being that creepy cousin who nobody knows, but shows up at the family reunion, and tries to act like they have been your best friend your entire life...)

About Me

I was raised in Boise, just a few short miles away from Bronco stadium...that, combined with alums for parents, led to an early development of fanhood, which borders on the obsessive (ask one of my college friends about the 2007 Nevada game, in which I was lying prone on the floor by the 2nd OT...he was ready to call 911, in case I had a heart attack).  After a trip up to the edge of Vandal country (Lewiston is a sad, sad town...but not as sad as Moscow), I knew there was no way I could ever cheer for the "V" over my beloved Broncos.

I am currently living deep in the heart of Duck territory, in the bustling metropolis which is Tillamook, Oregon (where the 99% are actually cows...#occupyfarmland), where I currently work in the IT department at Tillamook Cheese.  In case you were wondering, if we need to get our players to gain weight, they should be put on a strict cheese and ice cream worked for me!  Too bad I wasn't trying for that...

Before moving to Oregon, I lived in Connecticut.  My job?  Well, I was a network administrator for a company which most Bronco fans have a love/hate relationship with:


Yeah, that one.  Duh-nuh-nuh!  Duh-nuh-nuh!

Yes, it was fun (when they weren't bashing BSU; I did get a couple converts during my time), but the east coast was not for me...something about getting 17 inches of snow in October just didn't sit well with me.


I Also Danced With The Devil...

Okay, I didn't dance with him...but I did have my picture taken with OBNUG public enemy #1(a):


If I wasn't still in a probationary period with said sports network (which I had moved across the country to become an employee of), I think I would have given him a nice slug across the chin...then hid behind Dr. Lou when he tried to kill me...


At this point, you not only know more about me than is necessary, I'm pretty sure you could apply for credit in my name!  I think that means it's time to wrap this note up, and simply say, Go Broncos!

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