And no, compleat is not munson'd it is Olde English.After more than 2 years of being degraded I come to the readership with the astonishing news that there are NO munsons, just a failure of the readership to utilize the unique faculties of munsonese, a derivative form of, but no less valid extension of, the English language. An understandable oversight, partially corrected today with the first installment of this The Compleat Munson Dictionary and Reference Guide. Now, whenever a reader comes across a word that heretofore would engender the appellation "munson'd", a quick referral to this source will clear up the confusion.In most cases I provide not only translation but derivation and cultural context. There is also a reference guide to some terms and concepts which may be unfamiliar to the newer NUGies. Caveat: the list is partial, and growing (I know I said "compleat", but that's because it looked cool in the title. Sue me.)


psot: n. post;early Latin. Related to poslq, as in Would bb be my poslq?



ocme: v. come; Slavic. derives from Acme, from Road Runner cartoons.


bogationary: adj.; jiveacious


jiveacious:adj.; see bogationary


munson'd: archaic.;never to be used again term; no one even knows what it means


liek: adj; (?) Slavic. liked or licked; derives from Martina Navratilova, who did both to her opponents.Used: No more munson's;liek hell.


karma gods:;Munson; lesser gods responsible for traffic tickets, superficial acne, and football. Only ones to be prayed to concerning latter as Big Guy gets pissed.Hate swagger,and if they hear it, must be supplicated.


goat sacrifice: n.Munson; Only known method of supplicating karma gods, and only Munson knows how to do it, God help us all! OOPs! Sorry! See-it's easy to slip up.


reflectivity: Proper noun; Blogger whose entries, at least some anyway,must be followed by stanza from song "Personality"


yoru: your; Swahili


yo:p.n. you; Ebonics


adn: conj. and: Middle English as in "Do adenoids dream of tonsiliary sheep?" Well, do they?


jsut: just; Latin; GESU Church in Rome derives from this. Really; also my grade school in Cleveland.


abotu: about; Swahili; Not to be confused with ab out, which spcecial section of Men's Health (so I'm told)


beign: v. begin; Jamaican mon; from song "When they begin the Begin"


soem: n. some: French; derives from Somme, area hotly contested in WWI, but not by the French (see below)


rec'd: received; misinterpreted by OBNUG to mean recommend, which is hard to spell


knwo: know; Hawaiian;Dan Rather may have heard this when he reported "Kenneth, what is the frequency?"


seh: p.n.: she


abotu: prep.; about: Derives from the directive given to the robot Gort in "The Day the Earth Stood Still"-"Klaatu barada nikto"


eharing: v. hearing; Irish/Gaelic, esp. on St. Patrick's Day, another excuse for an Irishman to get drunk, which he needs like the Pope needs a bigger hat


ahve:v. have; Israeli; derives from that song Jews sing whenever Palestinians stop shooting at them (sounds like they're singing "I'll ahve tequila"; can't say I blame 'em)


em: me,except when used like above, when it means them (keep up people; learning a new language is hard)


attitudinal: adj. something we don't tolerate on the Boise State team, esp. from recruits


amn: man Not to be confused with that dopey little eastern Idaho town


form: from


from:form-unless I use it correctly; see context


encoruagement: encouragement; French; something no amount of will get the French to do, like defend Paris


furhter:further German; derives from the Furher, a no-nonsense guy who helped Germany set new standards in lampshade-making, soap generation, and oven recipes that included large portions of the indigenous populations of central and southern Europe


dwon: down; African/ebonics; Munson known to crack 'hood with phrases like "I's dwon wid' it yo'"; Munson hangs wid' da' brudda's all da' tiem


tiem: time; English; see previous "It be tiem yo'"


Moore: more; da' amn (see above-I said keep up)



And it be tiem know homies. I haven't exhausted the list but I'll update from tiem to tiem. Tell me what you think and be sure to rec me to the top so all can see. It's a beautiful day in the OBNUG hood.

This content was not created by OBNUG and therefore may not meet our standards. On the contrary, it probably exceeds them.

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