BCS Self Destruction Scenario

As I currently live deep in BCS country, surrounded by rabid fans of teams from Automatic Qualifying Conferences, I came to the conclusion this morning, in a Holiday Inn Express inspiration in the shower moment, (without the Holiday Inn Express) that the only way for the BCS to be abolished, and a playoff installed, is for there to be a huge implosion that makes all of the AQ conferences suddenly hate the system that they are in, and expose the rules they have made for themselves. This implosion would have to be done without allowing commentators, (that give the AQ’s the historical clout while ignoring the past ten years of history when playing into the equation) the opportunity to blame the BSU, TCU’s and Houston’s of the NCAA with the huge mess that their BCS club has made. This self-destruct button must be pushed by the conferences themselves, not by the underdogs that have been left out… This implosion would be best made with certain teams winning and others losing… So I have created a BCS doomsday scenario, that plays out this season, on a conference by conference level.

I’ll start with the SEC--- The SEC, the big boys in college football, the one conference everyone wants to join, but no one wants to leave. The one place where a National Championship invite is expected each and every year, the one place where there is currently talk that a one loss SEC team might actually deserve the invite than the champion of another BCS conference. All BCS conferences are equal, the SEC is just more equal… Here’s what needs to happen:

1. Arkansas needs to win out. This includes beating LSU. This situation would make Arkansas a one loss SEC team in the Western conference.

2. LSU needs to beat Alabama, win all the rest of their games, but lose to Arkansas. This also would make LSU a one loss SEC west team.

3. Alabama, Would then need to lose to LSU, and win out after that game. This would leave them a one loss SEC west team.

4. South Carolina, needs to win all of their games, except the game against Arkansas. This would leave them as a 2 loss team

5 Georgia, Needs to win out. Also a two loss team, but only one loss in the SEC.

SEC championship game would then be Georgia v Arkansas, LSU or Alabama. I have no idea how that tie breaker works, so we’ll just say its LSU. Georgia needs to win that game. This would give Georgia the BCS auto bid, with 2 losses. It would leave a two loss South Carolina Out, despite having beat Georgia. It would leave LSU out because they played the championship game. It would give either Arkansas, or Alabama a BCS bid,(even a possible NCG bid!) but leave the other out of the picture altogether, due to the 2 team per conference rule and the Conference Champion getting the AutoBid. So you’d have two 2 loss SEC teams, one losing their second game in their Conference Championship game, and one 1 loss team not getting a shot at the Big Bowls. The SEC would be in an uproar, casting anger and lighting bolts toward every conference they feel superior too, (See all NCAA conferences and a few of the weaker divisions in the NFL) screaming for a change to this ridiculous system that allows for these tragedies to occur!

Next to the Pac 12: Welcome to the horror of the Conference championship game! (As a side note, I am assuming that USC is not allowed to play in the Conference championship game,, other wise this could be really interesting… A possibility of NO Pac 12 team in the BCS at all!!! Think of the dishonor to the academic credentials and institutions of higher learning!!!)

Here it is a little more simple:

1. Oregon; Must win out, beating Stanford along the way.

2. Stanford; Only loss needs to be to Oregon

3. What ever team wins the South must do so with at least two (preferably 3) losses.

4. Oregon must lose the inaugural PAC 12 Championship game.

This would give The Conference Champ, I’ll say ASU, the Auto Bid. This would leave a 2 loss Oregon complaining about the Championship game, while a 1 loss Stanford screams for an At Large bid. Only one get the shot, because you can’t have more than 2 per, so Stanford, which lost to Oregon, goes to the BCS game as the second team from the Pac 12. You’d better hope for a really raining day in Eugene to put out the fires that the student body will be building…

Big 10: Championship games are not fun to play at all!

Ok, I am glad that you are still with me!

1. Michigan needs to win out.

2. Michigan State also needs to win out.

3. Penn State needs to win out

4. Wisconsin needs to finish with 2 losses.

Here we go again with the Conference championship stuff… Here it would be Michigan State v Penn State due to Michigan’s loss to Sparty. Then we need Michigan State to lose the Conference Championship game to Penn State. This of course gives Penn State the Auto bid. It would be difficult to deny a storied Program like Michigan from an At large bid, particularly with only one loss. However, Michigan State beat the Wolverines, and again are punished because of the Conference championship game. Two losses will exclude them this year… In addition, Wisconsin will also be a two loss team that gets left out, no, neither the Legends nor the Leaders will be happy with this situation…

The Big 12... the glory of having NO Championship game!!!

Really easy here:

1. Oklahoma wins out.

2. Oklahoma State loses only to Oklahoma.

No championship game gives both of these teams a good shot at a BCS bid. One loss each, not a stretch to get either into the Big Bowl games... Easy answer here is give them both a bowl!

Ok, now we are though the power conferences… The conferences that have the attitude, and really the muscle behind the BCS… We are left with the ACC and the Big East.

The ACC, which is the less despised of the two can pose us a little problem, it is also a simple scenario again based on the conference Championship game.

1. Clemson needs to win out.

2. Someone needs to win the other division. (I’m going with Virginia Tech, they actually played us!)

Here we just need VT to beat Clemson in the championship game. Hopefully a close game, maybe even in some type of bad weather conditions. This gives VT the ACC auto bid, and leaves a one loss Clemson crying on the sidelines. Will a one loss Clemson get and auto bid over some of the other options out there? Should they? Does it matter? We’ll See.

The Big East:

Here we just need a conference champion that has a bunch of losses, at least two but preferably three. Why? This will make the SEC, Big 10, Pac 12 and Big 12 angry. Why should a 3 loss Big East team get a big game and one loss SEC team get left out? Don’t they know that the SEC is better than some of the NFL divisions??? Yep up roar, like only the spoiled teams of the BCS can make.

Finally the NON AQ Conferences.

Here we just need the right things to happen.

1. BSU wins out

2. Houston Wins out

Why is this important? Well first off the rules mandate that BSU gets an Auto bid, as they will end the year ranked higher than Houston. Houston will get nothing. This is designed to make the people of Texas mad. And hopefully spur them to action… One thing I’ve learned is that Texans don’t like to get the short end of the stick, and a little more heat from States that aren’t Utah and Idaho, will only help move us to the direction we want to get to.

So what does this leave us with??? Well ten teams go to BCS games. The rest get left out. The SEC will get there two, The Big 10 will get two. The Big 12 will get two. BSU will take one, and The Big East will get one. The PAC 12 will get one, and the ACC will get one.

This means, an undefeated Houston team gets left behind, a one loss SEC gets left out, a one Loss PAC 12 teams gets left out, and a one loss ACC team gets left out. Two, two loss SEC teams get left out, a two loss PAC12 team, and a two loss Big 12 team get left out. This means that there is 8 teams that have a real argument to have been included in the BCS dance. The egos of the conferences would demand a playoff, where the top conferences would have the opportunity to show why they are better than the other conferences. They admit that their "Conferences Championship Games" hurt their conference, as they see the Big 12 bringing two because they didn’t have any issues pop up at a Conference Championship game… They see the imbalance of the current system as multiple deserving teams are left out because they don’t score high enough with the computers, or the Harris Poll doesn’t like them because they play games late at night, or the pollsters like to remember the past glory of a program… Complete annihilation of the BCS comes at the conclusion of the contract as the exclusive club of the AQ BCS boys, realizes that their underhanded method to exclude other has in fact excluded their own. They will decide to let the championships be decided on the field of play, just like every other sport in college athletics.

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