Hatemay's game thoughts- Air Force edition

A win is a win is a win.  Join me after the jump as a I break down the game.

Quarterbacks-  Kellen Moore once again distributed the wealth.  11 different receivers caught passes from Moore this week as Kellen tied the record for the most wins by a  quarterback. Moore was 23/29 for 281 yards.  He executed very well today.  I was quite surprised to not see the Wild Hedrick formation. 


Running backs-  Doug Martin ran the ball hard against an odd defensive formation.  Minus the fumble, Doug had a great game.


Wide Receivers-  I give a lot of credit to the Mitch Burroughs experience.  He took a big hit today and came back in the game.  He does well for us and Matt Miller is clutch as clutch can be.  One thing I need to see is some more physical play by Geraldo Boldewijn.  Our receivers play well and make good catches, but without the down field speed and experience we had last year, our margin for error is slim.  Gotta make plays.  I am excited for the prospect of Dallas Burroughs.  The formations and match ups that get him wide open are great, but we need to complete one of those deep passes.  If Dallas follows his brothers role and increases his skill and productivity each year, what musical group shall he become....  Perhaps Guns N Burroughs?  Can I get a photo shop......?


Offensive line-  Good job big men.  No sacks and a running back going for 100 yards.  Take note we did see Cory Yriarte and Thomas Byrd getting time at center.  I think Yriarte is doing a great job in place of Thomas the Tank Engine.


Defensive Line-  Okay, devotees will recall that my key to stopping the option offense rested on the shoulders of our defensive ends.  And I thought our defensive ends could have done much better than they did.  Every play they must hit the quarterback, and they didn't.  Tim Jefferson had 20 carries, which means that probably 15 times  the defensive end did not stay home to meet the quarterback with a collision.  Take in mind about three of those times was a quarterback follow, not a true option play, then a couple sacks.  I credit Air Force with making great blocks with this offense they run, but boy oh boy, thank goodness we don't play another true option team. 


Line Backers-  Great game Byron Hout.   Byrons job each option play was to fill the gap and meet the dive man.  He did a good job.  Obviously there were plays on third down that got a big pick up on the dive, and credit must go to Coach Calhoun for catching us off guard, but we need to tackle the ball carrier. Also, Johnathan Brown playing well at the nickel.


Secondary-  Okay, some guys got fooled at times.  That happens when an option offense is still in the game and can sneak in some good play action looks with their option run attack.  If we could have got a 17 point lead that would have taken them out of the run game and moved Air Force into obvious passing situations.  Travis Stanaway making the most of his time.  Good job. 


Special Teams-  Hunter White has lost the starting job at nickel but still gets time at nickel.  He has been a huge contributor on special teams this year.  His fumble return for a touchdown was the difference.  It was a momentum boost, and proved to give us breathing room in a game where every play counted. 


All in all.  Boy oh boy, we have a lot to improve on.  We can't kill drives with turnovers in the red zone.  Sooner or later Kellen and Guns N Burroughs will connect big.  Nugies, if we went to a BCS game tomorrow, I would be nervous, even if we had the three weeks of practice I would be very nervous.  The secondary needs to be more consistent, we need to prove we can make extra points, and we need to get some guys healthy.  We go into the buy week hoping to get some guys healthy and work on some fundamentals.  I say basics.  We need to get basics.  Block, tackle, play your assignments and hold on to the football. 


Also- great turn out at the tailgate this week.  Great food.  Good to see all the folks who show up.  Big thanks to Crissie and Mr. Crissie for putting together a great tailgate.  Looking forward to seeing everyone for the TCU game.  I will have a BYU fan who is coming to his first game on the Blue.  He has seen the boys play live twice on the road, but his first game in Boise, lets show him a good time.

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