Games that Matter: Rooting Guide for Week 8

It’s the middle of the week during football season, so it’s time once again for me and Mr. Badger to review the games – and teams – that should be followed come Saturday. As usual, we start with our favorite Boise State Broncos, fresh off a 50-point beat-down of one of our new conference friends on the East edge of the Rockies, the Colorado State Rams. This week, we host our other friend just East of the Rockies, the Air Force Falcons.

Since Kevan has already done such a tremendous job analyzing the potent offense that Air Force brings to the table, Mr. Badger and I see no need to reinvent the wheel. Plus, Mr. Badger says it’s tea and biscuit time. With Mr. Badger, anytime is Tea and Biscuit time, but I’ll humor him for now. He gets quite cranky if he goes more than a few hours without something in his belly. And it's been... about 45 minutes. Back in a minute – or 30.


Don't tell anyone, but it's more like Beer and Biscuits for the Badger whenever he gets himself in "game mode". (He tells Mrs. Badger it's just strong tea.) I stick to milk and cookies myself.

Watching our Broncos battle the Falcons should be considered every fan’s duty. We’ll see you Saturday.

In the meantime, let’s review who our Opponents play this weekend after the jump...

(24) Georgia – Bye Week

Getting by Vandy was nothing to brag about, but a Win’s a Win. The Dawgs managed to get burned on yet another fake punt… do they have a film room?

This week, both Florida and Georgia get a Bye as each prepares for the annual "Football Classic".

But wait… there’s always some sort of drama going on in DawgLand, and this week is no different: Last Saturday saw the "fight that almost was". Georgia NT Kwame Geathers punched a Commodore out of frustration after he’d been clipped (how is punching supposed to hurt anyone wearing a helmet by the way?) The clipper (is that what you call someone who clips you?) didn’t strike back (proving once again that Vanderbilt has admission standards), realizing he'd be better off to hit the player during a play rather than after. The clipper and the clippee face SEC sanctions for their on-field shenanigans.

Not wanting to be left out, perennially geeked-out Defensive Coordinator Todd Grantham thought he’d give Vandy Head Coach James Franklin a good piece of his mind right after the game ended. A few profanity-laced shouts ensued – all of which took place midfield for the entire world to see – and the big boy coaches are currently facing disciplinary action by the SEC.


Oh, and in other DawgLand news, Superfrosh RB Isaiah Crowell hurt his wrist, which is not good news if you are trying to fend off wannabe tacklers. If the Dawgs can heal up, call sensible plays on offense, prevent a couple of fake punts, and keep their coaches from getting in fights, they just might beat Florida. If not, all bets are off. The Football Classic is in 2 weeks. Stay tuned.

* 1 Star *

Nevada (3-3) vs. Fresno (3-4) – 2PM

Nevada by 10

Not sure who I want to lose win more. I’m gonna go with Nevada. Fresno plays San Diego State at the end of the year, whereas Nevada closes with Idaho. For that alone, I’ll be rooting for the ‘Pack to have a strong season. Plus, they’re favored by 10 and Mr. Badger is getting mad at having to root for so many losers. And I’m running out of TVs



** 2 Stars **

Toledo (4-3) vs. Miami (OH) (2-4) – 5PM

Toledo by 17

I know I say this every week for every team, but insert team here is better than its record. We all know Toledo is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but Miami (OH) lost to Mizzou (Big 12) by just 11 and Minnesota (Big 10) by only 6. That’s not too shabby.

Wait, what’s that Mr. Badger? You say Minnesota lost to New Mexico State. What?!? New Mexico State?

OK, take back everything I just said. Using Kevin Bacon’s 6 degrees of college football, Toledo should have this game wrapped up in the first five minutes.


Looks like a fun afternoon for Toledo’s 5th string.

** 2 Stars **

Tulsa (3-3) at Rice (2-4) – 5PM

Tulsa by 10

In addition to fighting the away crowd (Rice is 5-0 at home dating to last season), Tulsa needs to limit turnovers. Last week they had four, including one on the one-yard line as they were about to score. Tulsa has a decent running game to go with GJ Kinne’s passing. They’ll look to exploit it as Rice has the second-to-worst running D in the nation. If they can win the proverbial turnover battle, stay focused on the game in front of them and not look ahead to next week’s game against SMU, Tulsa should be just fine.


** 2 Stars **

Colorado State (3-3) at UTEP (3-3) – 6PM

UTEP by 7

The Colorado State Rams jump out of conference play this week for a tussle with UTEP. After watching Colorado State play last week, I don’t have much hope. Then again, they played our Broncos. And Mike Price is still at the helm for UTEP. /Hope restored.


These future conference foes are getting their rivalry started a year early. But because we're not part of the Mountain-USA just yet, go Rams!

***** 5 Stars *****

(16) Michigan State (5-1) vs (18) Wisconsin (6-0) – 6PM

Wisconsin by 8

This game is important for two reasons:

(1) Wisconsin is undefeated

(2) We open the season with Michigan State next year

Mr. Badger couldn’t be happier with Michigan State. They took out his arch-enemy Wolverines last week, giving them their first loss of the season. Yes, Mr. Badger I know! Those Wolverines are much weaker than you Badgers aren’t they?

Oh my… I haven’t the heart to tell him his new favorite team (he’s sporting a Sparty cap right now) will be facing his true love Badgers on Saturday.


I’m still trying to think of ways to knock Mr. Badger out for the weekend, only to wake without knowing any better. Kind of a "Mini-Hibernation", if you will. And no, I will not be consulting Dr. Conrad Murray. Shame on you!

The Badgers have gotten a lot of flak for a weak schedule so far. They’ll certainly be tested this weekend. Hopefully it’s a big… FAIL! Go Spartans!

And as always, Go Big Blue!

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