Student Ticket Scalping Makes Me Laugh

For other students who don't get their tickets it probably ticks them off.  I'm going to start a new fanpost series entitled "The Worst Students on Campus."  Welcome to the First Edition!

Students Tickets went on sale this morning like they always do game week and I got mine!  Pretty excited for this game.  I'm hoping we can get some of those Kellen!!! Moore!!! and Doug!!! Martin!!! chants going.  The following students are pretty excited too however the root of that excitement comes from the opposite end of the spectrum.


Boise state vs air force student ticket for sale!!!!! Sold out game of the year!

This kid is delusional, he thinks he can hit up a fellow student for 150 bones.  This kid is the reason our graduation rate will decrease by one more student at the end of this schoolyear, what college student in their right mind would pay $150 to see Air Force?!!!  I'm barely willing to fork out that kind of money for top terrace seats at this year's Fiesta Bowl and I'm already saving!  Also, as of 12:30pm on Monday there are still Student Tickets available.  Folks, this is your MORON OF THE WEEK!


I love these kids, they add some background story as to why they're selling their tickets to save face.  Here's the best so far this week:

Boise State Student Ticket2

So this kid tries to save face by saying he has a student ticket but doesn't need it because he's sitting with his family?  Whether true or not he posted this a couple hours after tickets went on sale, what's he trying to say??  That after reserving his ticket his mom woke up and informed him they had family tickets?  Oh well if that the case then I totally understand why you're selling your free Student Ticket for the best offer you can get...   Turns out it couldn't quite possibly be the case since 949 is an Orange County, CA area code.  Guess his family is coming up for Homecoming weekend, I'm ok with that but why the BW would you reserve a ticket if you aren't planning on going to the game?  And if you're from Orange County and your folks are coming in for the weekend do you really need the money?  Some people's kids.


This honor goes to the previously awarded MORON OF THE WEEK, posting at 7:35 am.  As far as I know this is a record fast posting.  I look forward to keeping these fanshots coming and tracking stuff like this.  We should have at least three more installments.  Can you believe that?  Only three more home games!

Throughout the week more Student Tickets are bound to pop up on the interwebs, whether they make the cut and appear on the weekly "Worst People on Campus" list is up to them.  And me of course.  I'll probably be posting updates in the comments throughout the week but if you'd like to learn more about Boise State's Student Ticket Policy click on over to Ticket Policy.

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