All of the major points have been made. Here's my 2 cents (American, not Euro):

1) Moore as "king": I've compared Kellen to the king on the chessboard. The king can move only one space, but in any direction,  and it is a remarkably effective defensive quality when used by a skilled player. Moore moves just enough, at just the precise time, to get the job done. He gave a clinic Sat.

2) Colorado had 1 penalty, a motion call. At least 2 we had were bogationary; the late hit, and Iloka's pass interference. Meanwhile Kellen was complaining about late hits and not getting any attention from the refs.

3) Dextrell Simmons should get credit for a fumble. He chopped Thomas before his arm went forward. 

4) I didn't see Ioane at all-am I missing something?

5) For those of you who wanted to burn Ajayi's shirt even when we still had Johnson, does Drew Wright's running change your perspective at all? Even w/o Johnson, we have a hard time keeping our 2 primary & hungry RBs happy, and I think #39 could play some $ downs. Reminds me of Carpenter. In the back of my mind I seem to recall noting that Drew can catch out of the backfield as well.

5) What's with that announcer and the 50 cent (Euro) words? The Broncos were going to "matriculate" down the field? Did he think matriculate means "roll"? Did he glance to quickly at his pocket dictionary? Matriculate means enroll; I should know I did it 15 times at Boise State alone. I wonder if he had a 34 score in reading comprehension on his ACT? 

6) Why the wild with Mitch? Everything was working, we had it going on. They got the ball and scored. I know in the scheme of things blah blah, but this is where we get down to details. Explain the call. No don't. I guess we gave Air Force something else to work on.

7) Lucky Seven! It was a phenomenal effort. Anytime you can obliterate a Div I team, esp. at their "home", it's significant. I know Rams have issues yada yada (my fave "Seinfeld" episode), but we crushed them like King Kong on a tomato can. I especially liked our momentum killing gadget (although it was not as signficant as the 2 short-stroking announcers made it out to be). It's like "ok, we're up 22, but we've gotten stopped on our last 3 possessions of the 1st half, and we made one 1st down and got stopped here, let's do this". Big nod to Percy who, as he did on "Riddler" in Fiesta II, made the read and the call. Walk-on from Blackfoot shows what this program is about; staff coaches players "up", and then has confidence in them to make the call and execute.

8) Mitch has at least one miscue per game. He was in  a lot of plays though. So a push; but I'd be lying if I said I haven't noticed.

9) Chandler Koch on phone. Curious.

10) On Rams last gadget you can see Iloka trying to signal something, and then everyone kinda' ices, including him.

11) Gotta' nod to Rams fans. At first I thought they were being derisive when they cheered Rams first 1st down, but realize they were trying to cheer something. They fumbled next play. Seemed like they stuck around a long time, but I did hear our chant clearly at some point.

12) Martin has perfected a wicked spin move; probably helps that he bench presses garbage trucks. Kind of a judo thing where he uses other guy's momentum and leverage to go where Doug wants to go. That is, when they get him at all; on one TD the safety literally did not touch him despite Doug going directly at him. 

13) #15 WR Tyler Jackson has beefed up.

FINAL NOTE, ANCILLARY: I know we hate the Vandals, but I enjoyed reading about Mike Stoop's unceremonious, undignified "get-your-bitch-ass-outta'-here" firing. Never forgot how he ran up the score on them a few years ago, using gadgets to score every possible point, and only to save his pathetic job. It was the worst display of that kind of behavior I've ever witnessed. These players are someone's sons, brothers, husbands. They risk their lives, their limbs, for our entertainment, getting precious little recompense. To rub that in that way, for that purpose, was disgraceful. If you feel differently, I don't want to hear about it. It just happened to be the Vandals Stoops was using. I don't need to hear any puerile Vandal carping on this point. I've gone off too often for one week.


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