Hatemay's Game/Big East Thoughts- CSU Edition

Yep, we landed the plane in the right state, Kellen did not go skiing, rather made sandwiches, shot six shooters and the running game got off to a fast start and wore out Colorado State. Join me after the jump for my thoughts on our performance and the prospect of joining the Big East.


It was a great game for our running backs and offensive line.  Kellen continued his distribution of wealth in the passing game, and our defense played lights out for 54 minutes.  I hate to pat myself on the back but there seems to be a re-occurance of my keys to the game coming to pass.  Here is the position breakdown.


Quarterbacks-  Kellen had a dominating night.  He was 26-30 for 338 yards, four touchdowns, and no interceptions.  He spread the ball once again to 10 receivers.  This wide receiver by committee is clearly a pattern that we are seeing from our wide receivers.  Kellen continues to make good decisions as he leads the offense.


Running Backs-  Our running game was up for this game from the start.  Doug Martin hit the holes hard and fast, and ran like no tomorrow.  D.J. Harper had a great game and Drew Wright had a great effort in mop up time. 


Wide Receivers-  Great effort from Tyler Shoemaker.  As has been the standard, everyone contributed.  The Mitch Burroughs Experience needs to secure the ball better. 


Offensive Line-  The running game produced astronomical numbers.  Credit to the big men.  They opened holes all night long.  Even the reserves had a great push. Good to have Thomas Byrd in the game for some reps.  We still need to get healthy in time for November and hopefully January.


Defensive Line-  Tyrone Crawford.


Linebackers-  I love the effort from our LB's.  Byron Hout came up big recovering the fumble on the fake punt. 


Secondary-  Okay, I love the aggressive play, but we must stay at home.  Must stay at home.  A team that could challenge us will put that in the memory banks for the future.  We must not let that hurt us when the game matters.


Special Teams-  Yeah, yeah.  Field goal is still trouble.  But we nailed the PAT's.  I was wondering when we would see a wrinkle, and we saw it.  We gave them a certain look.  We will never see that same exact alignment or personnel again.  


Thoughts.  I have been listening to Caves and Prater quite a bit lately.  I don't know where those two came from.  But I should submit a resume to them.  Think Drew and I would make a good fit instead of those crackpots?


And one thought about the Big East.  This could e the best thing that happens to us.  Let us consider what Craig "Hair" Thompson has done for us as a team.  He allowed a rule that we cannot wear all blue for conference home games, he has done nothing to bring in better quality teams to our conference, and he has allowed the three top teams of his Pre N64 MWC logo to get away in Utah, BYU, and TCU.  He has done so much for Air Force that their athletic director publicly said that if the call comes they are leaving.  


At first I was very much against this, but when it was announced that SMU, Houston, UCF, and possibly Navy will get invites as well as us, I thought it was great.  This could bring the Big East to 12 teams, divide the conference into two divisions, and East Division and a West Division.  Break down here:


East Division


Central Florida

South Florida



West Virginia


West Division





Air Force

Boise State


There could be a championship game played in a covered stadium in St. Louis, or Indianapolis at a mutually beneficial neutral site.  We would play good teams in our division, play a game in Texas each year, take a trip to the East each year, and bolster our OOC with some good rivalries in the Pacific Northwest.  I would love to get a game with Oregon going each year.  It pains me to see so few teams solve the riddle that is Chip Kelly's playbook.  We will be traveling quite a bit, so we need to get something solid (aside from the 12 year BYU thing) going locally.  Idaho is no longer competitive.  We need to get some games agains Pac-12 schools or Big 12/10 schools.  A loss to an AQ BSU wont sting as much as a loss to a non-AQ BSU.  This should help our cause to schedule OOC games.  Also, we need to throw away Idado State, Idaho, Weber State, UC Davis, Fresno, Nevada,  and Hawaii's phone number from our AD's Rolodex.  There is no need to play those schools anymore.  We need good quality OOC games to get good games in the Northwest to go with our Conference games in Texas, Colorado, and those in the Eastern Time Zone.   Thoughts.......

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