Text of Interview with Dr. Kustra on 670 KBOI (edited - from notes)


Q: Welcome to the program Dr. Kustra. Can you please talk about the conference realignment situation going on right now?

Dr. K: My job is to represent the University, the faculty, the students, the alumni, etc. by keeping all of our options open and assessing every opportunity out there. We are proud to be in MWC. But with sands changing, we’d be foolhardy if we weren’t talking and listening and that’s what we’re doing.

A few days ago, I sent Coach Pete an email to tell him: he’s made a huge difference in the image and power of Boise State. Boise State is the team of the hour, day, and week. Boise State is the team people are currently interested in.


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Q: Are you connected at the hip in your conference discussions with AF?

Dr. K: We’re not connected at hip, but we talk regularly. You wind up on phone sometimes more than once a day with people.

At the moment, we do NOT know where we’re going. Some other things have to fall in place. Things that we are not in control of. What’s going to happen in the Big East? We don’t know that. We’re keeping in touch and keeping our options open.


Q: What do you think of the merger between MWC and CUSA?
Dr. K: It’s a good solution if at end of the timetable – by 2013 – a we find ourselves still in MWC. It’s a good idea at end of 2013 for schools to look out for themselves. The question is, whether it will be the best solution for BOISE STATE. Or if it’s best for other schools that may not have same opportunities we have.


Q: The quality of Boise State’s academics and the quality of students is going up. Is that a key component for moving to a new conference?

Dr. K: Yes, the ideal solution for us is to be in the PAC 12. That day will probably come. Reason: we are moving fast because of new research and doctoral programs. Boise State is still growing. Somewhere in next 5-10 years, we’ll be classified by Carnegie as a research university. It will be much easier to align ourselves with the PAC-12.

Our faculty has just done an incredible job.


Q: Boise already has a national champion – Beyond the Blue Podcast. Can you talk about that?

Dr. K: It’s cool. So many faculty are engaged in research, and because they’re busy teaching and doing other things, they don’t have a chance to tell their story. We’ve asked them to record what they’re doing and impact it has. They’re available on our website. It will soon be available on iTunes. This school’s come a long way. Our challenge is to have people understand not just the improvement in enrollment quality, but in our graduate programs and most importantly in our research.


Q: For next week’s game, have you done any special promotions with Mtn Home AF Base?

Dr. K: I don’t know. It’s a good idea. If we haven’t, we will. I have a lot of friends that are AF grads. We’ll be hanging out with fans with mixed loyalty. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.


Q: The Boise community has really gotten behind your ballclub. Can you talk about the importance of that?

Yes, the argument given used to given that the size of our TV market was too small. But that’s no longer the case, because no matter where we play or when we play, people will show up and turn on TVs. That’s because of our fans and the Treasure Valley. We’ve now developed National Fanbase, which has made us a powerful team.


Thanks Dr. Kustra.

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