Hatemay's Keys to the Game- Colorado State Edition

The Broncos travel this week to play Colorado State- a game in which the Broncos are currently favored by 31.5 points.  Don't expect anything revolutionary in this weeks game thoughts, just some simply keys, ragging on "Hair" Thompson, BYU, and a little bit of sarcasm. Join me after the jump as we discuss Hatemay's keys to the game.

Well, lets take a close look at Colorado State's accomplishments thus far: CSU got things going right with an impressive 14-10 victory on the road against the Lobos of New Mexico, A 33-14 win at home against Northern Colorado (Big Sky opponent), then a 35-34 OT win against Utah State.  The two losses came against San Jose State (yes that is right.... San Jose State) and Colorado.  For those of you not sure what I am laying down.... Colorado State is bad.  Their win/loss record looks good, but to sum it up in a song by the Who, they are hiding behind an.....


The Who - Eminence Front (via TheWhoVEVO)


Boise State is coming off an impressive road victory over Fresno State 57-7.  A game in which we netted some rushing yards but failed to be consistent on the ground.  Boise has  had the injury bug pretty bad, but we are already seeing that players are more than willing to step up. 


Boise State offensive keys:


Make sure the plane lands in the right state. Getting a good thrust off the ground is crucial for this game.  We also must be certain that the pilot has hasn't had one too many before getting us off the ground.  Our crew must get us landed and in the right state in order for us to be successful this week.


Establish the run.  I know I say this every game, but I bet every competent coach (this excludes Gen. Akey) would agree with me.  With the shuffling bodies that we have had this year with all our injuries we need to find some sort of cohesion before we get into a fight with Air Force, TCU and San Diego St.


Get Dallas Burroughs and Geraldo Hiwatt- Rivera-Boldewijn some quality plays.  This is the future of our program. I have no reservations about Matt Miller, but I want to see Dallas and Boldewjin make some quality leaps.  Look for Burroughs the Younger to have three catches while Boldewijn will get another  four catches with two of them being touchdowns. 


Joe Southwick will need to play well in quality mop up top.  I need him to show me something.  He isn't playing like a man desperate to have a job next fall, Grant Hedrick is.


Boise State Defensive Keys:


Three sacks.  We haven't sacked the quarterback much lately, but we are getting interceptions and pressure to the quarterback.  Hopefully someone can step up in place of the injured Chase Baker.


Less than 250 yards of total offense for CSU.  Lets face it, CSU is bad, we need to shut them out.


Scoop and score fumble recovery.


Colorado State Offensive keys:


Pass for 400 yards.  Yep, rushing for 150 yards won't do much, because that could be extended garbage carries for the CSU running game.  If they want to beat us, they gotta do damage through the air.


No turnovers.  I do not recall a team the has yet to turn the ball over against us yet.  I think when a team does, they will have a good chance to beat us.


Score more than 40 points. If CSU puts up 40 points, their chance of winning goes up big time.


Colorado State Defensive keys:


 Force 3 turnovers.  That has been a magical number.  I think if a team can force three turnovers against us we could be in trouble.


Two defensive touchdowns.   I don't see their offense scoring much, so their defense needs to score.


Hope that Kellen Moore decided a skying trip to Aspen was more important than the game this Saturday. 


Like I said earlier, this is a game we should win.  Look for Boise to score more than 31 points than our opponent. For all of you gamblers out there, look for BSU to beat that spread.

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