Rest assured Bronco Nation We Can Still Beat Any Team In The Nation!

It seems that each year BSU plays down or sloppy or unsound or has a letdown or whatever you want to call it and Bronco Nation starts fretting uncontrollably.  This fear is usually categorized by one of the following: 

1)  We aren't really as good as our ranking 

2)  Not enough style points, we are hosed in the court of public opinion

3)  If we looked like that against (insert bad team here) then a REAL team will kill us


Well if this is a fear of yours, don't worry, history is on our side! 


Let's go back to our biggest wins:

Oklahoma:  What a win, we had to dominate ALL of our weak opponents to pull off this win, right?  Nope we squeaked by San Jose by a field goal and won by just a touchdown against Wyoming and Hawaii.  I bet "The Nation" was pulling their hair out!  Also notably we destroyed Oregon State 42-14.  Even after those tight games the voters still had us high enough to gain a BCS Bowl bid.

Oregon @ Oregon:  We won 37-32, I bet we killed the rest of our inferior foes, right?  Wrong-O!  We won just 20-7 against Bowling Green on Homecoming no less, then scored no more than 27 in back to back weeks...No BCS bid BUT everyone knew we were a great team and it set us up for our BCS bowl run the next year.

Oregon at home and TCU in Fiesta II: Wow, two big wins against GREAT know the drill, 28-21 @ Tulsa, 34-16 home to UC Davis(?) 44-33 over Nevada, 45-35 La. Tech, gave up 34 to Fresno...are public perception was so good that we were an AT-LARGE BCS pick....that is saying something, everyone knows we are good, this is the beginning of us not having to win pretty.

Virginia Tech:  beat them 33-30 in the highest watched regular season game in the history of ESPN at the time plus beat Oregon State nicely... lost to Nevada (allegedly) but ALMOST pulled that sluggish performance out...We still had an outside shot at the BCS even with a LOSS...


The point is that this happens EVERY year and struggling early in the season against a Tulsa, Toledo, Nevada, New Mexico, whoever is just part of the ebbs and flows of the season.  It is an inevitability.  In fact our most dominating bowl victory in a meaningful bowl was TCU and those battles all season probably HELPED that team in the defensive struggle versus the Horned Frogs!  I just heard Reese Davis say that the Nevada game was not near as close as the score and that BSU handled Nevada, "EASILY."  Again, the public/coaches KNOW that we are a GREAT team....we are officially allowed to "win ugly."

So, sit back, enjoy the ride and realize that a 20 point win when we played sloppy beats the heck out of a game winning field goal against San Jose State, but any win is a win and if we win them all we will get what Coach Pete wants, a great bowl game against a great team....Sugar bowl VS. the Alabama/LSU loser, anyone???

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