Is Boise State WORTHY of a National Championship this year?

Join me in my debate on whether this year's Boise State football team (if the stars align) can compete in a National Championship game.

Last year should have been the year, no doubt about it. From the get-go, we were hyped, hoped for, and predicted to go to the National Championship. With stars such as Titus Young, Austin Pettis, Jeremy Avery, Doug Martin, Jeron Johnson, Brandyn Thompson, Winston Venable, as well as many others, it seemed a given that we would at least make a terrific run at the National Championship. Throughout the year we proved to the nation that they were correct, as the Broncos hung 33 points, 51 points, 37 points, 59 points, 57 points, 48 points, 49 points, 42 points, 52 points, and 51 points. They did this by holding 10 teams to an 11.5 average.

As we all know, that season came to a disappointing end, coming in the form of the Maaco Las Vegas Bowl. We all wonder what could have been. But now we wonder, will we EVER have a team as stacked as 2010?

This year started out promisingly, but maybe with a little less hype. After all, we still had Kellen Moore, Tyler Shoemaker, George Iloka, Jamar Taylor, Byron Hout, and Doug Martin. Beating Georgia handily, with a few minor breakdowns mind you, gave us a much needed boost to make it to the National Championship Game. Then the trouble began. Enter Toledo, Tulsa, and Nevada. Scoring 40, 41, and 30 points is respectable, but when you look closer, the imperfections show glaringly bright. We've struggled to run the ball, only posting 145 yards and 131 yards against relatively adequate competition (Given our running game may have finally broken out today). While this may be because the lack of Dan Paul, or the Offensive line's inability to "click", there really should be no reason Boise State should be held under 150 yards rushing per game.

Kellen Moore has been a near supernatural this season, posting career highs and outstanding numbers. He's spread the ball around to a very inexperienced receiving corps effectively, ALMOST making us forget about Austin Pettis and Titus Young. Still, as deep and with as much potential as our receiving corps. possess, it's obvious we are missing that big play/deep threat ability/consistency. It really showed this past game against Nevada with Moore going only 19 of 33 for 142 yards and throwing two TD's and two interceptions. Is this really the dominant passing game we should be having?

Now that I've spouted out those random stats, it's now time for my opinion. I honestly don't think we've lived up to expectations this year. We all knew we'd have a "reloading" year, but I don't think anyone expected it to be this downright stagnant. While we may have dominated games from a statistical standpoint, our defense looks vulnerable, our special teams have been danger, our running game is virtually nonexistent, and our passing game sputters with drops, missed routes, and inexperience. Now for the heart breaker, even if the stars do align... I do NOT think we are worthy of playing in a National Championship/BCS bowl game.

Now, while this may be a perspective from only 5 weeks in, it's completely true, and I think we all know it. WE ARE NOT READY. I hope I'm wrong! I hope our defense plays lights out like today, I was very impressed. I hope our passing game can put up those video-game numbers and establish a deep threat (ex. Geraldo Boldewijn, curse you NCAA). Also, I hope Doug and DJ can establish that dominant running game we've all been craving. Good luck to Boise State the rest of the year. Prove me wrong Sandwich Man! Prove me wrong Muscle Hamster! Prove me wrong Clark Kent!

Now if your still reading this, and not calling for my severed head, what are your thoughts?

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