Hatemay's game thoughts

First off I give a big thanks to Crissie and Mr. Crissie for putting together a great OBNUG tailgate.  It truly was a pleasure to get to know the faithful that made the trip from all reaches of the Bronco Nation,  Idaho, Michigan, Tennessee,  Maryland, Wyoming, just to name a few of the states represented at the OBNUG tailgate.

Now for my thoughts.


We proved once again that our defense can win us a ball game.  Time and again our D-Line got plenty of pressure.  After watching the game in person and on the TIVO I saw Chase Baker, Shea McClellin, Ryan Winterswyck, and Billy Winn continue to pressure Tyrod Taylor again and again.  Only on about 3 possessions was he able to drop back, stay in the pocket , and find his receivers downfield for completions.  Granted, they scored td's on those possessions.  But we must remember what kind of an athlete he is.   Taylor can break out of the pocket, make one move, and go 50 yards or more for a td.  He didn't do that against our defense.  Props to our D -Line.


Our LB corp looked good.  I must say The Hout looked impressive.  He looked trim, he looked smart, he played tough.  I think we found a line backer.  Tevis had his moments.  And it was good to see Tommy Smith make contributions other than those on special teams.  J.C. Percy played his heart out, and also made some big plays on special teams.  Winton Venable appeared to be cramping a bit in the second half. Hunter White proved there was not much of a drop off. 

Jamar Taylor played good.  He had a PI on the first play... I will take that over the completed pass and momentum swing any day.  He will blossom.  Brandyn Thompson scared me at times.  He could have taken a better path on the 4th and 5 after the running into the kicker.  Good to see Cedric  Febis come in at crunch time and get some valuable reps. 


Special teams pursued, and came out swinging.  I must admit... I almost wet myself watching Pettis block the opening punt.  Brotz came thorough when it mattered. Mitch Burroughs proved that he can be a game changer.  Good job Mitch.


O-line was a big question mark with who would be healthy and who wouldn't.  They opened up holes on a quick defense.  Much props.  Doug Martin (barring the fumble) played well.  And DJ Harper...... well.... welcome back pal.  That was a fun run.  With Avery in the wildcat I think we will score more than one td this year off of that alignment.  Kellen played smart against a quick defense.  But above all with his play... he looked like he was having a little more fun. The TD passes looked like they brought him more joy than they have in the past.  Dan Paul is a beast.  On the td run by Harper he engages his man and drives, drives, drives, and drives him a little more.  It is hard to believe he is a converted linebacker.  He gets his nose in the blocks and doesn't stop till his man is on the ground or until the ball carrier runs past him in open space.  WR's looked great.  I think I counted only one drop.  Good to see Hiwatt and Linehan get into some plays. 


Wyoming on the horizon.  Coach Pete will get us scared to death that we will be humiliated by the Cowboys. But, we need to have the same attitude as our coaching staff and players.... one game at a time.  Wyoming can hurt us... if we aren't ready.  We may find ourselves in a dog fight similar to the one that Oklahoma found themselves in against Utah State. 



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